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The former can heavily influence the latter

someone average looking can start to look exceptional when you get to know him/her

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fuzala fuzala

In response to “The former can heavily influence the...

the thing is that if someone finds another ugly
he/she is less likely to attempt to get to know this person

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fuzala fuzala

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In response to “Explain

Well, the person inquires as to whether or not the other person is an astronaut and then regardless of the reply informs them of his erect phallus.

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A man

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starships are meant to fly made me really think
I never knew that they actually flew
I thought they just glided through space
how wrong I was

I've really grown as a person

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fuzala fuzala

In response to “starships are meant to fly made me really...

You thought about this for days?

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All those people I confessed my love to . . . (wary)

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Len Len

If you carry the bricks form your past relationships to the new one, you'll end up building the same house, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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if each person brings the past bricks
the bricks can be combined and make a new house
it's kinda like bringing what was learned in the past and still using it

but I still understand what this is saying
which may mean that carrying those bricks means making the same mistakes again

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fuzala fuzala

In response to “if each person brings the past bricks the...

Just wondering, but why do you type like that?

As in
a bunch of fragments
on different lines
I don't have a problem with it
I am quite curious though

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Rainboots Rainboots

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How do you know if someone is not a vegetarian? They will tell this joke.

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No, the worst thing you can do as an artist is create racist songs/paintings/whatever that inspire a mass genocide, so you become Artist Hitler.

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MyHotHotJam MyHotHotJam

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