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Why is six afraid of seven?

Six hasn't been the same since he left Vietnam. Every time he closes his eyes, he's sees Charlie hiding in the darkness of the forest. Not that you could ever see those bastards, mind you. They were fast and they knew their way around the jungle. He remembers the looks on the boy's faces when they walked into that village and... oh Jesus. He shouldn't think about that now. Sometimes he still hears Tex's slow southern drawl. He remembers the smell of Brooklyn's cigarettes. He always had a pack of Luckys. But the boys are gone now... he knows that. It's--it's just that he forgets sometimes. And sometimes the way that seven looks at him... it makes him think. Sets him on edge. And he feels like he's back there... In the jungle... In the darkness.

Seven has a hook for a hand as well, which is very scary.

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Just ask them some questions about their religion. I think they'd figure it out pretty fast.

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In response to “Just ask them some questions about their...

Yeah but thats easy enought to fake really if you just even know the basics, you just have to be good at BS-ing.

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Xin_a_tizzleX Xin_a_tizzleX

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How do you make all of those emoticons? (I'm on mobile so it's not like I can just scroll over it)

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FlyingMintBunny FlyingMintBunny

In response to “How do you make all of those emoticons? (I'm...

( hello ) = (hello)
( un ) = (un)
( angry ) = (angry)
( lolwut) = (lolwut)
( ono ) = (ono)
( goo ) = (goo)
( yum ) = (yum)
( frown ) = (frown)
( d ) = (d)
( smirk ) = (smirk)
( wary ) = (wary)
( no ) = (no)
( hmm ) = (hmm)
( hehe ) = (hehe)
( cool ) = (cool)
( l ) = (l)
( Y ) = (y)
( n ) = (n)
( love ) = (love)
( cry2 ) = (cry2)

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Axolotl Axolotl

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Lol, no, I'm not. Just getting a bit annoyed with some content.
Don't get me wrong, I realize periods are be horrible, and us men, just will never experience one. This is why it also pisses me off when other guys tell women to 'suck it up' or 'deal with it.' Just some things I've seen posted here are utterly ridiculous.

Would it make you feel better if I said I will send you my home-made garlic bread pizza?

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Chuckonice Chuckonice

In response to “Lol, no, I'm not. Just getting a bit annoyed...

Yeah, well, there is just as much crap about boners and **** size, so I would stop complaining. And your post is basically saying "Stop complaining about periods. I know they're bad... but they're not as bad as a kick in the balls, so shut up."
This: "And stop comparing your cramps to getting kicked in the balls... It's an annoying over-exaggeration." It's not. I don't have to be a male to know that periods are worse than being kicked anywhere. Cramps (sometimes heavy enough to cause nausea and vomiting) in the lower abdomen and back caused by the uterus contracting, more testosterone than usual which causes you to be irritable and you just can't help it, blood seeping out of your **** non-stop for a week, constant worry about leaks, bloating, possible dizziness, often depression, sometimes dysmenorrhea, occasional attacks of anxiety and social withdrawal... Need I go on? I'm sorry for the rant, but I am tired of this hypocrisy.
P.S. I once saw a post that said "Guys: Proof that being kicked in the balls is more painful than childbirth. Several months after being kicked in the balls, a male does not say "I think i want another kick in the balls. Amirite?" Utterly ridiculous.

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I would rather watch a full length flim on why Glen Coco got four candy canes than watch Mean Girls 2

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