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Yeah, I think the word "identical" confuses people, because in a language sense it means appearances, like if two apples were identical, but in the biological sense, it means one egg was split as opposed to two eggs fertilised, and that twins being identical or fraternal as nothing to do with looks.

I think identical twins sometimes do look more different, because the egg very rarely splits evenly, which is why one may be significantly larger than the other.

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In response to “Yeah, I think the word "identical"...

THANK YOU! I hate when people ask my twin sister & I if we are fraternal. When I say we are identical they always give me a weird look because we don't look exactly alike.

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I think the OP is trying to say its sort of annoying when people refuse to interact with anyone outside their group of friends, and don't bother to be friendly or make conversation with other people.
I know people like that...

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yeah but before the last episode they said "this is the last episode of Hannah Montana Forever"
so it kind of makes sense

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site your sources

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In response to “ site your sources

sorry, i forgot. i thought this was funny.
but apparently a lot of people have already seen it :(
oh well.

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