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What exactly are the advantages of losing a toe ?

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submarinedisco submarinedisco

In response to “What exactly are the advantages of losing a toe ?

You can fit into slightly smaller spaces than you could before.
You have a secret place to store something toe-sized.
It's easier to squeeze into smaller shoes if they don't have your size.
Fun thing to show off at parties.
If you drop something heavy there is a lower chance of it hitting your toes than there was before.
It will teach your other toes a lesson.
It's probably one of the easiest ways to find out whether your limbs grow back.
If you ever became a fictional villain from 300 years ago and needed a nickname, you could be "Nine-toes [first name]" or "[first name] Nine-toes"
You'll never bang it on something again.

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Truuninja Truuninja

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