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Not all Christians hate gays! It's a stupid stereotype. True Christians love everyone. Don't put that label on us all because a few people are crazy...

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anna_banana anna_banana

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HAHAHA. Defs true.

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anna_banana anna_banana

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There are many different versions, though:

The "pull and fiddle" : I'm really nervous (which is always cute)
The "drag with force": I want you now, baby (which is always hot)
And finally, the "slow unraveling while staring creepily because I'm about to strangle you" (which is always, um, disturbing)

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In response to “There are many different versions, though:...

Awesome. (nice name, BTW)

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anna_banana anna_banana

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oh wow whoever says this is a total idiot with evolution. Because we are born does not mean monkeys die. They gave birth to us (well, a step along the way) and other monkeys had other kids that were monkeys. And as for the comment before me, the "in between species" did exist, there were a good number of them. They all died out but we have found remains. Homo Habilus, Homo Erectus, etc. If there was something like that which disqualified evolution, scientists would have found it and no one would believe it. There are no substantial flaws in evolution.

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In response to “oh wow whoever says this is a total idiot...

There's no need to get sassy here.

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anna_banana anna_banana

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