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Not many comments for a POTD.

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In response to “Not many comments for a POTD.

Once upon a time there was a a young boy named Rupert. Now Rupert was a troubled boy, for when he was six his father died of AIDS. After this tragic incident Rupert started to develop some mental issues, he even started to believe that he wasn't a human being. He now goes by the term of 'iamnotahumanbeing' To try and fill the gaping hole in his heart he became an entrepreneur, and spent his days selling used Apple products to old people. However his business tanked and now he spends his days sitting at home on the computer, trolling around and typing recurring and boring comments on the POTD.
Don't hate on Rupert, he's been through enough.

LOL. JK, shut up bro.

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Delightful_Dolphin Delightful_Dolphin

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