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Essentially, this post just says that movies aren't months long. I dont think anyone would disagree with that.

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I mostly agree with you, but what is the Bible based in? Evolution is based in science, the Bible is based in faith, so I would say evolution does hold more ground in absolute fact.

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SemiColin SemiColin

In response to “I mostly agree with you, but what is the...

Well people who don't believe in Creationism don't believe in God. The belief in God is central to the creationism argument. And the existence of God is much more founded than the physical evidence of creationism. evolution is viable, and creationism is as well. Neither holds ground in absolute fact. I personally believe in micro evolution and Creationism. I agree with you that that evaluation is based on science and creationism in faith. But in order to truly evaluate creationism, you must evaluate the existence of God and search for His influence on earth.

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Have you had issues with your mother and/or women in general?

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I believe completely that men and women are equals. Claiming one has had a greater impact is pointless because depending upon your perspective, men or women could have made a greater impact. its stupid to say that men wouldn't exist without women because equally to women, they require men for the y chromosome. However its also stupid to say that women are inferior because they have done less in the world. women have been held back from opportunity in the past but that does not make them inferior. women in any realistic circumstance in today's world are just as able as men. However those of us arguing with people like V must be careful not to say things like "if anything, women are superior." This argues against your point that men and women are equal. without that point, v has a much stronger case.

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