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Here in America, people do it because it's the norm now. I know that in the past, it would be done for religious purposes, but now I think people do it just because of the way it looks.

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Here in Britain, circumcising is definitely not the norm (it's seen as a thing only highly religious people do) but I honestly can't wrap my head around the amount of parents who think it's okay (or not an issue) to cut (perfectly normal) bits off their childrens' bodies.

Why not wait until they're older and they can choose? It's their body. Unless it is posing a massive risk to their physical or social well-being (which foreskins really don't; nobody over here seems to suffer greatly for it), what is the point in surgically altering somebody's body without their consent?

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In response to “Here in Britain, circumcising is definitely...

I wouldn't like it if I wasn't, and I would question why my parents hadn't have had it done when I was a baby.

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BrianH BrianH

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Honestly just wondering because I don't know much about the topic, but is there a reasoning other than religion for one to circumcise their son? Why do people do it?

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Rainboots Rainboots

In response to “Honestly just wondering because I don't know...

Girls prefer it circumcised.

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