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It's funny, I'm listening to them literally RIGHT NOW, but if I walked past them on the street or saw their picture that didn't state specifically who it was a picture OF - as was the case here before I came here to the comments - I wouldn't be able to tell you who they are or what they look like. Hell, I don't even know their individual names... I DO know the name of the band, though, but then, who doesn't these days? I'm not sure if I should be proud of myself or not for not really knowing much about them...

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In response to “It's funny, I'm listening to them literally...

You're one of those people who talk to strangers in the waiting room, aren't you?

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Montana Montana

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You're currently arguing with a guy who thinks all drugs should be legal. So I really don't care about that argument.

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kerouac kerouac

In response to “You're currently arguing with a guy who...

Please join a debate team. Not because you'd win, but because it'd be hilarious.

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LinksLegionaire LinksLegionaire

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Guys: you don't actually find it attractive when girls have fat rolls, cellulite, a double chin, and thighs that touch, etc amirite?
Offensive, huh? Well it's also offensive when you tell girls they aren't attractive for being the opposite. Different strokes for different folks.

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And to make jokes about how dumb Americans are to make up for their own incompetence is European.

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death_or_glory death_or_glory

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After I watched Hocus Pocus, I looked up "virgin" in the dictionary and din't get it

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Favvkes Favvkes

In response to “After I watched //Hocus// //Pocus//, I looked...

If there's anybody that knows what a virgin is, it's the girl that constantly posts pictures of cats in comment sections.

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amiritesucksnow amiritesucksnow

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Well in the world of complete opposite, We took the ASVAB today and one of the sample questions asked what a cat was. The answers were A. fish B. mammal C.bird D. Mineral... No joke. And two of my favorite actual questions are Why does a whale come to the surface of the ocean? and What is the function of a keyboard.. Yes.. a keyboard.. like what I'm typing on right now.. This a test that ALL seniors must take

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saxybandgeek saxybandgeek

In response to “Well in the world of complete opposite, We...

haha you're lucky. the physics test that inspired me to write this post was comprised of questions similar to "if you throw a rock off of a wall that is 150 meters high, with an initial velocity of 12m/s, a slight air resistance, and a gravitational acceleration that is different from the accepted one on earth, what color is the wall"

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sunshine_feet sunshine_feet

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People are literally calling her a hero. It's so disgusting to me. It's true, nobody deserves to be bullied, but that's ** life isn't it? You'll get bullied. If you don't want to get bullied, then grow the up and get the over it. She showed to some sick people, and they ruined her life. But, as some people have said, she wasn't willing to deal with the consequences. Not only that, I'm fairly sure she made it worse by the way she reacted to the bullying. She made a matures decision that she was so obviously not mature enough to deal with. Killing herself was selfish and poorly thought out. She is not 'brave' for what she did. Nor is she a 'hero'. Great ** post OP. (y)

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First of all, Mitt Romney isn't against birth control. He's against requiring Churches to provide health insurance for contraception.

And you shouldn't make the stupid conclusion that pro-life are rallying against women's rights. It's a ** moral or religious issue for them, and they're truthfully thinking "Babies shouldn't be killed," not "Haha, let's ** women over with this new law." I am, by the way, pro-choice.

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The existence or legality of birth control and abortion isn't what's being considered an abridgment to religious freedom. They've been around long before this campaign. It's the fact that Obama wants to make it obligatory for religious institutions to pay for abortion-inducing drugs and birth control that's the threat to religious freedom.

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CherryBlossom CherryBlossom

As a kid, you were musically gifted on this instrument, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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I cannot express my love enough for this post so here's my face when I first saw it, YYA'd it and yadda yadda.

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Skr3wBall Skr3wBall

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the other day a cheerleader asked me if i was coming to her game. the ****? i was not going to her game, i was going to the football game

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I'm gonna send this link that to all my black friends with a message that says "Please don't hurt me."

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In response to “I'm gonna send this link that to all my black...

You have black friends? Daredevil.

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ConnorNoonan ConnorNoonan

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In response to “

Perhaps nobody even uses most of nature’s organic, unique life treasures. Realistically, anyone might invent creations replicating organic splendors. Could other, presumably inorganic creations, substitute impressive life incredulities? Creations offering very ostentatious lure could amazingly now only complicate our natural interests. Our standpoint is subjective.

That took me forever, it better get me a shit ton of loves.

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LittleRed LittleRed

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