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Debate? Why have I never heard of this? What's there to debate? We know the planet is warming up, we know there's a hole in the ozone layer, we know we're polluting the earth. I feel like there's some major thing here that I'm not getting.

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There's also proof in the ice caps that they have been melted and refrozen before, several times, waaaay before we emitted this much carbon into the atmosphere. Unless the Mayans used industrial machinery that we just haven't found out about yet, or aliens came to dump CO2 into our atmosphere. Anything is possible.

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jimmenysnickett jimmenysnickett

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I'm pretty sure no one has ever been told 'it's a sin to be straight!' or 'I'm better than you because you're black and I'm white.' Gay people and black people have dealt with prejudices, discrimination, and a lot of hate that most white or straight people haven't had to experience.
Those parades and and Black History Month are basically saying 'even though I and people like me have been put down and looked down upon for years, I realize that it's ok that I am what I am, and I'm going to celebrate it.'

And I realize that the ideal would be to not need to have a gay pride or Puerto Rican day parade, or black history, Jewish history, or Hispanic history months. But thats the way it is now, and it's probably not going to change anytime soon.

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Actually, over the summer, I was working for a non profit, and one of the kids I was working with looked at me and asked, "why do you care? You're white." and I just kind of looked at him, and all he said was "everyone knows whites are stuck up bitches." And my next door neighbor had a Romney sign in his yard; a man asked him to take it down because it was racist, because if my neighbor wasn't voting for a black man, he had to be racist. And I know, I know that whites and straights have done inexcusable things in the name of supremacy; there are unbelievable acts of indecency that nobody should have to go through. But at the end of the day, racism goes both ways... and at the end of the day, we're a majority minority nation.

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jimmenysnickett jimmenysnickett

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