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Kashish Kashish

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Chicken is a bird. Not a meat. Get your facts straight. Plus, she only eats on occasion, like when there's nothing else in the house. Like lol are you stupid?

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Sergio Sergio

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This is applicable, right?

My sister's friend had a British dude staying with her and we kept asking him stuff like, "Do they have Harry Potter in England?" or "Have you ever heard of the Beatles. They're a pretty good band."

It was funnier in person (wary)

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That's why standardized state tests are so easy. "If Rahgov is building a square fence with 16 feet of fence available, how long will each side be?
A. 4 feet
B. Lil' Wayne
C. $59
D. ****

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

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SirCheekyBastard SirCheekyBastard

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"Aw hey, what a cute little dog! Can I pet it? (goo)"

"Sure thing, Scruffy over here loves attention, especially from beautiful ladies like yourself (hello). Did I mention he was a rescue pup?"


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Rainboots Rainboots

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You can't fuel one of the most powerful war machines ever with the money found in Jewish (and other minorities) homes

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Funnyplants Funnyplants

In response to “You can't fuel one of the most powerful war...

no you can't, but you can use money to buy powerful war machines, dumbshit.

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alittleannoyed alittleannoyed

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Those damn kids these days! Back in my day we didn't have money! We worked for big rocks we used to throw at people and steal their belongings! And we enjoyed work and liked it! Otherwise we'd get fired! And it wasn't no "You're fired, get your **** out of here and never come back!" bull shit neither! They would set you on fire and you would die! Then people would throw rocks at you and steal your crap! Kids have it easy.

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I agree. Anne Frankly, I think jew should be proud of yourself for coming up with this post. I do nazi why people laugh at German jokes at all...

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Eminna Eminna

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Freshman don't even get speaking rights let alone feelings.

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Can I be the person with the solid colored shirt?
WAIT. That's all of us.

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Ras Ras

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Okay, you people are boring me. I am off (for now, duh.)

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rawr_ur_dead rawr_ur_dead

In response to “Okay, you people are boring me. I am off (for...

Have you ever heard of second hand embarrassment? Well, just in case you haven't, it is when you feel embarrassed because somebody else just terribly embarrassed themselves. I feel that now. It's because you sound **** stupid.

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"Did you plot the 9/11 attacks?" "No" "I think he's telling the truth.."

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I've actually modeled for textbooks. Lol

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In response to “I've actually modeled for textbooks. Lol

That's not something you want to tell people...

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I am a racist but ...
That Asian is an exceptional driver
That Frenchman is hairless and smells lovely
That African is certainly well-feed
That American was very polite and courteous
That Mexican must have gone to University for years to earn his current salary
That Romanian was not a gypsy nor did he attempt to steal any of my possessions
That Englishman did not insult me and leave me wondering whether he was being sarcastic or not
That Italian is certainly not annoying or fist-bumping anyone

Yah, I know some are countries and some are continents, but I'm a racist, so go **** yourself.

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