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A lil bit, actually. :(

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People were insulting people and not accepting that someone else won before now, there wad actually a lot more of that a year and 1/2 ago when there was more people here. I think the site is worse than it was because there are less people, POTDs used to have 250 favorites and hundreds of comments and there were constantly new posts. Now it's more boring and I run out of stuff to look at sooner.

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Frank_n_Furter Frank_n_Furter

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Says an ugly person with a profile picture

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You also apparently have the right to be an ****. You fully abuse that right.

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No, definitely naturally. BECAUSE YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY BABY. jkjk.

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KyleeAnderson KyleeAnderson

In response to “No, definitely naturally. BECAUSE YOU WERE...

The posts of a wannabe inspirer and the comments of a crappy troll. You're just full of suck aren't you?

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there is a point. You'll be able to find out what kind of person you get along with the best, and help you out in the future.

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They never said WHERE you had to hold your nose. I can say hmm for as long as I need to... as long as I am holding the bridge of my nose.

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Well, we can certainly tell how well these future people of America do in class according to what grade bothers them the most: whether or not it's a passing grade versus whether it's a hair from a perfect score... :O

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justaskme justaskme

In response to “Well, we can certainly tell how well these...

No one asked you.

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the fact that they go away to keep you safe?

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shut up with all this ~keep u safe~ stuff im sick of it
humans killing humans is one of the stupidest things i can possibly think of and people trying to justify it or even go as far as calling it heroic make me sad

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danilol danilol

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Girls- Isabella, Sophia, or recently I've thought of Jillian cause a little girl named jilly is super cute
guys- Lucas, Jake, Andrew (maybe), but it'll probably end up being my husbands name..

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Ok i'm a guy. and i don't want just one thing. i would rather do what she wants from me not what guys think we should do. I am not a man ** and i would rather make out than **. I care about making a girl happy. I really like this post. maybe it's because i'm that nice guy that girls say they want but can never find. I would rather hug or kiss. and if you really love a girl, you would die for her. most guys nowadays just want in a girls pants its disgusting

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BananaTontaBajista BananaTontaBajista

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