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The people who voted NW would probably change their mind if they were the innocent person going to jail.

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CBbasketball CBbasketball

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No. And unless you're being sarcastic, you should be top of the class at Harvard or stuck in a cell in a mental institute.

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Albert_Einstein Albert_Einstein

In response to “No. And unless you're being sarcastic, you...

I'm top of the class at the Harvard mental institute.

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Bossman Bossman

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Why not give a choice of back drops too?

> Poster collection
> Blank wall
> Mountain scenery
> Bathroom with unflushed toilet

There's something for everyone.

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ahhaha!! Im actually wearing a Silly Band right now o_o it's spiderman.
And no, I did not buy it.. someone gave it to me..

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Canadian_Ninja Canadian_Ninja

In response to “ahhaha!! Im actually wearing a Silly Band...

Spiderman wouldn't work as a ****, it would prevent him from shooting out his web

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polarthebear polarthebear

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Harry Potter is about magic, which is an evil and false institution that corrupts the minds of the youth. Just like evolution, magic is founded on utter nonsense. J.K Rowling is a descipacble person who should be stoned to death alongside all scientists. If you have ever read any of the HP books, you are not a true Christian.

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DanielJames DanielJames

In response to “EVIDENCE??? Harry Potter is about magic...

It seems like every post that's anti-Scrantoncity gets a lot of 'loves.' So, in an attempt to stay hip with the new amirite trends (or whatever you kids call them these days):

Scrantoncity is dumb.

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Baconnoisseur Baconnoisseur

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