What Is Amirite?

Amirite is a place to share your opinions. Say what you think and people tell you if you're right.

We've been running since 2009 and have nearly 1,000,000 opinions, random thoughts, and amusing observations for you to browse and leave your feedback on.

If you agree with the poster hit the Yeah You Are button, otherwise tell them they're wrong with the No Way button.

What Do I Post?

An Amirite post is not simply a question. It is for you to express your own opinion on something and see if people think your opinion is right. It should be your own opinion, observation, gripe, praise, or anything you can fit into the Amirite format.

Examples of how to write an Amirite post:

  • The best part of ice cream in that left over melty part at the very end. amirite?
  • My six year old cousin should NOT have an iPhone, amirite?
  • If some one starts out a competition with an unfair advantage and still loses they still had an unfair advantage, amirite?

Examples of how not to write an Amirite post and, and how you could write those so they do fit:

  • What's better bananas or oranges?
    • Bananas are better than oranges, amirite?
  • What's your favourite color?
    • Blue is the best color, amirite?
  • Do you shower in the morning or evening?
    • You shower in the morning, amirite?

Be sure to read the rest of the content policy for more info on what you can and can't post. Then make a post here.

What is a Featured Post?

When you visit the Home Page of Amirite you're looking at featured posts. These are either selected by hand by our moderators, or automatically by an algorithm to showcase the best Amirite has to offer.

It's not a simple case of picking posts with the highest score because an Amirite post can be something people disagree with while still being interesting.

To indicate you really like a post so out moderators can pick it for the front page, use the heart button.

What are the benefits of making an account?

Making an account brings Amirite to life! You become part of our fast growing community and will be able to take credit for all the posts you make. You'll start to build up your 'average score', which shows just how right you really are. You'll be able to follow people whose posts you like as well as 'loving' any posts you like.

With an account you're able to create your profile and set an avatar. This allows you to enter the social side of Amirite by being able to send messages and follow users.

You'll be able to take part in the most exciting feature of Amirite - our achievements system. You get awards for using pretty much every part of Amirite, from making good posts to finding hidden secrets.

I forgot my username or password

You can get a reminder of your username and reset your password by using the Forgotten Details Form.

How can I delete my account?

You can deactivate your account from the settings page. You can reactivate your account at any time by logging in. When you do, you'll be emailed a link to reactivate your account.

If you want to permanently delete your account please contact us

I have a question / comment / complaint about Amirite.

The best way to get in touch with the site admins and moderators is using the contact page.

We recommend using the contact page instead of making a post about your issue. By making a post it will take longer to solved and may get lost among other posts and go unanswered.