+18 Mayo straight out of the jar is a better dip than ranch, amirite?

by Candid-Albatross 3 hours ago

+23 Matchbox Twenty is one of the most underappreciated rock bands out there, amirite?

by Hklocko 3 hours ago

+17 The Happy Birthday song only has 4 lines and its still too long, amirite?

by Anonymous 3 hours ago

+25 Taking the high road doesn't always feel good, amirite?

by Anonymous 3 hours ago

+24 Maybe our primitive brains like the look of a mowed lawn because we can easily see there are no snakes hiding in the grass, amirite?

by Anonymous 3 hours ago

+18 Beige foods are generally delicious foods, amirite?

by LavishnessOk6028 3 hours ago

+32 The fact that most people live in a city surrounded by thousands of humans, instead of in the wilderness surrounded by bears, proves that most humans do, in fact, pick humans over bears. amirite?

by yolandagusikows 4 hours ago

-17 Made to order food, or "slow" food, is the worst. amirite?

by Express_Hedgehog 4 hours ago

+24 technology can be updated or outdated, but not downdated or indated, amirite?

by Grantelna 4 hours ago

+31 We won't give food and shelter to the needy unless they commit a crime first. amirite?

by Selmer84 4 hours ago