About me.

My name is Linda.

I am like any other adolescent, but different and unique. I guess I cannot say that I am like anyone else, and vice versa. I cannot say I am normal either; what is normal? I really hate it when people say that they wished they had a normal life. How would the world be if everyone was ‘normal?’

But please, don’t think of me as a negative person, I’m just the kind of person to question things and I wonder. So we can get a few things straight: I don’t like to be normal, and I think everyone is unique.

Moving on...

I love pizza (of the Hawiian variety) and peanut butter. But together? Hmm... I've never tried that... But really, I can't go a day without eating peanut butter.

I love music.
The Beatles, Jack's Mannequin, Eminem, Tegan and Sara, Hey Monday, Linkin Park, Metric, Hedley, Hey Monday, Marianas Trench and the list goes on... My taste in music varies from day to day. It really depends on my mood.

Reading is my life. PLL. Sarah Dessen. Scott Westerfeld. Ally Carter. Cherry Cheva. J.K Rowling. Again, a big difference in variety.

And I'm probably the biggest geek you will ever meet. The countless Student of the Month awards should prove that (No, I'm not bragging, just proving a point). And I used to be this huge perfectionist. I've become more chill.

But, I LOVE sports. Volleyball, cross country and badminton, currently. But I've also been on the basketball, soccer and track team.

Lastly, I also love to watch hockey. And I love my Canadian teams. (Mainly Montreal and Toronto. I know, very bad of me to like both, but it's too hard to choose.)
And at times, I'll catch a Blue Jay's game on tv.

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