Talking to yourself isn't weird. It's practice for the actual thing. amirite?

I don't necessarily have conversations, rather just lay o

You probably didn't think that a mistake could be useful until notch miscoded a pig, amirite?

I was about to say that creepers aren't useful, but then I remembered that time I forgot to bring enough wood to not jump straight to a stone pick...

The song ‘Monster Mash' is not actually THE monster mash song, but a song describing the music and dancing of the original monster mash, much like ‘Tribute' (Tenacious D). amirite?
@There doesn't have to be an original monster mash song for the monster mash dance to exist.

They played the mash, they played the monster mash

The monster mash, it was a graveyard smash

They played the mash, it caught on in a flash

They played the mash, they played the monster mash

People who want high school and college sports to be abolished never played sports themselves, amirite?
@FVCEGANG So you believe schools shouldn't be funding any extracurriculars?

Schools should have extracurricular activities, but if the school makes money off it, the students should not have to pay for it, especially those that don't engage in the activity.

I'm taking about colleges specifically. I pay school taxes and they have every right to spend it as needed and I have no problem with high schools using that money for sports. With colleges tuition, the cost should not be inflated to fund activities most students won't benefit from. Those that engage with the activity should foot the bill rather than pass it on to everyone. A student paying to become a doctor should not have to pay extra for an athlete to play football on his free time. Just my opinion.

Neither has Donald Trump.

There are probably many famous people who make throwaway accounts to talk about their personal issues. amirite?
If you want to know someone's insecurities, just see where they place their snapchat text line on their face. amirite?

Can you not blow my cover please . Not cool >:((

Trash compactors technically save trash, amirite?
@88080808088 And saves trash bags cause you can put more trash into one bag thus saving a trash bag

Trash from compactors isn't put in trash bags, they are dumped in landfills or recycled.

There might be fewer divorces if men replace the word wife with girlfriend during the vows. amirite?
@Mcgee0 I am currently in a 7.5 year relationship with someone who doesn't believe in marriage. How convenient for him. I...

Why? Is your relationship so pathetic that you need to prove your love to each other with an expensive ass wedding and a long heartfelt letter? Girlfriend and boyfriend, wife and husband. It's the same thing, only difference is one costs more than the other. This may seem harsh, but if you think the minor social awkwardness of saying ‘boyfriend' over ‘husband' is worth thinking everything over, then you need to get your priorities straight.

There might be fewer divorces if men replace the word wife with girlfriend during the vows. amirite?
@Somebodysaywonder Narrow sighted. Marriage isn't only about an expensive wedding... it's a commitment between two people, intended to...

Thank you. My point exactly. There is something beautiful about the committment. The promise to be together until the very end. Some people don't need a stupid ass wedding to prove their love. It's the 16 god damn years of the good and the bad that matter.

if slave owners remembered their past lives, the world would progress a lot more, amirite?

Bold of you to assume past lives are a thing.

Girls can wear guys clothes and still look good, but guys can have long hair and look good. amirite?

I've actually noticed that girls have vaginas, but guys like sports

The internet has allowed us to know about and keep in contact with more people than we're capable of caring about. amirite?

And that's why l don't FB or Twitter

Talking to yourself is considered a sign of insanity but writing to yourself is normal and encouraged. amirite?
'Guardians of the galaxy' has the most on-screen deaths of any movie ever, amirite?

How does GOTG have so many on-screen deaths? I don't remember a scene where we see hundreds of people dying. Which scene was it ?