I have a sandwich for all the YYAs.

@Jorn hello, here is a moron that is going to argue with you. i'm always happy when I see alot of notifications because...

I don't post much, and when I do I don't expect them to be homepaged. shrug
What did you want to argue about, moron? =P

Why hasn't this been switched out for the original yet? Someone go get an effing mod!

Pfft... I wish I had screen shots. I see that every single time I log in.

"Over acts" is technically a logical thing to say, but it's awkward and no one says that. It's obvious what op meant.

Just curious.

The expression is "nitpick"... to do it again.

Sure anonfag, I believe you... not the actual piercers I know irl, who actually give out little cups of sea salt for people to use until they have a chance to buy some because regular salt is not ok.

Oh, witty. yawn

Mexican crap that gets brought over from Mexico in bricks... pretty much all you can find most of the time where I live.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Yay, sexist troll fail. Always nice to see.

I am, right now- well, poor-ish. I am one of the college students I mentioned. However, if all your money is actually your parents', I'm still more rich than you... poor boy.

Why should they, exactly...? They're here to delete stupid posts and keep trolls from blatantly harassing people.