You feel really bad for Rebecca Black. Everyone at her school must say stuff like, " IS TODAY FRIDAY REBECCA?", amirite?
@FlyingGuineaPig At first I was like "Oh my God you're an idiot, get your face off the internet you Miley Cyrus wannabe!" But now...

Me too. I mean yeah the song is a fail but I know people who are saying "she needs to get shot, die, kill herself, etc." I think the video is pretty terrible but it's mainly the retarded song not her, and still people don't need to be sending her death threats.

Bella Swan: "I had sex, got pregnant, and almost died." Coach Carr: "What did i say?" amirite?
It's kind of annoying when someone's username is just a bunch of random letters, amirite?

Phew I thought this said numbers, guess I'm in the clear

If you're ever reading a bit of classical literature or an impressively thick book on public transport, you can't help but hold it at a 90 degree angle in order to prove to fellow passengers you're not one of the plebs keeping Dan Brown or Twilight in the 'top 100 best sellers' lists, amirite?

Yes I also announce what song I'm listening to so no one assumes it's Justin Bieber.

It'd be funny to have a huge party and have all beverages non alcoholic and see how people act when they THINK they're drunk. amirite?
@fangirl12 This was in an episode of Grounded for Life too.

yeah they also had another episode where they smoked oregano and thought they were high.

You shouldn't die a virgin because then you might have to have sex with a terrorist in heaven, amirite?

I have to admit this took me a minute. .

Google needs an option to display only the results that the safesearch filter would have blocked, amirite?

Funny but it doesn't sound entirely necessary since the dirty pictures usually pop up first.

Alejandros: you have at least once in your life been called Ale-Ale-Alejandro. It gets annoying after a while, amirite?

I ahve a feeling some of the people who YYA'd are lying

The fact that Miley is finding it hard between going to college and being in a movie in the last episode of Hannah Montana is sending a bad message to kids. amirite?
@Lkun In real life or on the show?

The show, they had a whole episode where she was trying to get in but couldn't because her grades were only average and she didn't have any extra curriculars. Then she went back to the admissions office with the exact same grades but dressed as Hannah Montana and the lady said they'd definitely accept her.

Sarcasm translates really well over a computer or text message, amirite?
The police should use amirite as a lie detector. Make the defendant get an account. Then make the POTD, "You hate it when you kill that family and toss the knife into a dumpster behind McDonalds and still get caught, amirite?" and see how they vote, amirite?

yeah cause everyone on here always votes truthfully. . .

It would suck to be a teen actor and have your first kiss be scripted and meaningless, amirite?
A tearjerker sounds like someone who cries while masturbating, amirite?

3 days later?

Mario is a lot like high school, Mario is the foreign exchange student, peach is the slut, wario is the nazi, bowser is the bully, yoshi is the school mascott, toad is the A+ student, luigi is the tall guy, and D.K. is the quarter back. amirite?
Gingers: You find it really hard not to tell non-gingers about that horrible thing that happens to everybody with a soul, amirite?

People with souls: gingers are just jealous, amirite?