Being "alone together" is awful, amirite?
@Eslaurrra For me, even with a shared space it gets too much. I live with people I absolutely love, but either we're actually...

I wouldnt actively avoid it though? Its more a byproduct of sharing space then a goal or activity
If I need quiet or focus I go find my own space.

Painting cabinets or other wood fixtures in your house looks better than wood grain. amirite?

I definitely prefer the wood look so I disagree but I can't say you're wrong.

I wonder which of us is truly the unpopular opinion.

I wish we could do polls (and trust them)

The hate towards chihuahuas is not needed. amirite?

Not reading allat

The hate towards chihuahuas is not needed. amirite?
11/11/1111 will be the only date to ever have all numbers be the same, amirite?

66666666 BC.
1111 BC

OP did you forget BC exist?

10% of the world population died since gta 5 was released 10 years ago, amirite?

And around that number of characters have been killed in game by human players.

Being "alone together" is awful, amirite?
Teachers who force/grade students to take notes in a specific format are basically morons. amirite?

Teachers who force students to take notes at all are morons.

If I'm writing, I'm not listening. You want me to listen, right?

If I need to refer to written material, that's what the textbook is for.

If taking/not taking notes matters at all, then it will show up on the test. There's no reason to make it a separate grade.

Public Humiliation would be a far better punishment than jail time, amirite?

That doesn't work on people with nothing left to lose.

Have you seen social media? Some people have absolutely zero shame. Hell, a lot of them might try to monetize it.

Cup Ramen is better than Packet ramen. amirite?

This is the truth.

Going into a movie or tv show with expectations of what you think it should be is setting yourself up for failure. amirite?
@Alixkast They cried just as hard about the Peter Jackson trilogy. A lot of the same people too. They just don't talk about...

They cried just as hard about the Peter Jackson trilogy.

1. No, they didn't.
2. Peter Jackson's trilogy was great on its own merit. "The Rings of Power" was Peter Jackson's LOTR from Wish. Its makers even copied Jackson's visual style, only they did it badly.

Tbh, I don't care much about Tolkien and his works, but, honestly, I didn't like "The Rings of Power" at all.

It's weird to think that there are at least a few hundred people who have lives that are identical or almost identical to yours. amirite?

The logic doesn't follow.

Deaf dogs will never get the joy of someone calling them a good boy/girl, amirite?

There is also non-verbal communication.

I think that the show "The Boys" has become the thing it criticizes, amirite?

It's not that deep bro lol

The classic stereotype that males won't ask for directions died in less than two decades. amirite?