A $20 pen is a much better gift than a $20 t-shirt, amirite?

Harder to lose a shirt then a pen.

The smaller is your tøwel, the more likely you are of drying your face using the same part you did on your booty. amirite?

I dry my face with my ass every morning before work.

Gyms are useful for the apocalypse, gyms are useless in the apocalypse, amirite?

Not really, you can find some pretty good weaponry and a few decent parts for basic electronics. Like the dynamos in the bikes or using 30 or 40 pound curling bar as a mace

Cuddling is way more wholesome and relaxing than sex, yet no one has "cuddle fantasies", amirite?

It kinda sucks when you get a boner while cuddlling and then she thinks you want sex, like nah stay right here lol

Kobe Bryant lives in 12 year old who shoots free throws for an extra hour after practice is over. amirite?

You can't be reincarnated into someone who was born 12 years before you died o_o

"my life is worst than yours, feel sorry for me"

In the future there will be people who have not seen bank notes or coins, amirite?
Theee is a very small chance you may be related to the first people on earth. amirite?

No, that's only scared pussies like you that get intimidated by people who looks different then themselves.

Lizards are nothing but dwarf dinosaurs, amirite?
if a draft we're to happen in the next 10-15 years, lots of casualties will end up getting danced on IRL, due to this generation growing up playing a certain game that shall not be named, amirite?
@Eslaurrra oops

Also I doubt that people would dance on a dead corpse

We all won a race we didn't sign up for, amirite?
@MrSorry What?

First sperm to the egg

Google is the only thing that won't judge your questions, amirite?

Google listens to your questions, judges, labels you, and then sells you to advertisement agencies based on ssid labels... it's how they make their money. Google is probably the single largest judging entity that has ever existed.

A broken branch in a family tree is simply an adopted family member, amirite?

Wouldn't a broken branch be a death in the family?

Years ago two people had "fun" and now you have to work a 9 to 5. amirite?
@video_game_flowers Your parents had sex and now you have to go to work

But why do you have to work 9 to 5?
You have a choice to do whatever you want.