hippies where over half a century ago. amirite?
@capamericasur It's were not where. We learned this in 2nd grade

OP forgot a comma and question mark. Hippies, where over half a century ago? Haight and Ashbury.

hippies where over half a century ago. amirite?

They're still around

Most of the non-tech working people have no clue on how much money is available in the tech jobs and with how much relatively little work you can earn significantly better than their hard working non-tech job. amirite?

I must say, getting away from the daily tech job, (3 years now) has given me (and my family) a much richer and less stressful life. Never regretting the decision.

Dads don't care about their yard looking nice. They just want to be left alone for a couple of hours each week. amirite?

Yes, I used to wonder as a teen why my dad spent so much time doing DIY on house, building 2 cars, rebuilding his garage 3 times. I have 4 kids now and I don't sit down lol

Glasses make you look smart, but you have to fail a test to get them. amirite?

That's a good one. 👍

The vast majority of the sky is actually below our feet. amirite?

"Vast majority" means much more than half; 51% or something doesn't cut it. The sky is more or less bisected by the horizon.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you're just wrong.

Cold pizza is cooked, amirite?

Uncooked pizza isn't. Warm pizza is. Frozen isn't. Hot is.

The vast majority of the sky is actually below our feet. amirite?
After society falls, the most difficult thing is going to be learning to live without lip balm. amirite?

I don't use it. Should I?

if debugging is the art of removing bugs from your code, then programming is the art of putting bugs into your code, amirite?

Programming is making a nest hopefully bugs don't get in.

The main purpose of a wallet besides holding money is to make you feel uncomfortable that way you know it's still there, amirite?
@KilljoyX I don't think I've ever seen a wallet advertised as being uncomfortable to carry.

Think about it, tho, if a wallet was so comfortable, then you wouldn't feel it, therefore, if someone snatches it, you won't notice it gone until you need it

No one is ever the right amount of whelmed. amirite?
@Mytokhondria Young Justice fans be like

My god I haven't seen that show in years and I still remember speedy saying that. Ahem excuse me "red arrow" my mistake

The man, in fact, it's the father of the child. amirite?
In the next lifetime, cords and wires will go extinct because of wireless technology. amirite?

You still have to plug in your "wireless" charger to the wall

You could probably install crypto mining software on PCs in tech stores and make a ton of money with it... amirite?

They wouldnt powerful enough for it to do much.