The Dragon Ball Evolution (2009) live action movie was actually pretty good. amirite?

I'd rather watch The Last Airbender

Marshmallows are bland and weird, amirite?

The only time i think they are really worth eating is roasted over a fire or in hot chocolate. Outside of that I don't see the point of ever eating one.

In a way, man-made things like technology aren't 'unnatural' because it is simply the natural result of the inventive nature coded into us, amirite?
In general people are so uninspired, amirite?

I'd personally say people's passions interest me less than their personality.

The internet should be supporting Joe Jonas rather than Sophie Turner, amirite?

I can't imagine a situation I care less about.

Nuclear power is the only viable carbon neutral power source. amirite?
When getting food with a big group where everyone wants to pay separate, I feel like the standard should be separate checks. Splitting the bill evenly because the waiter doesn't want to spend the time doing that shouldn't be my problem. amirite?

If u tell AT BEGINNING of meal it's usually not a big deal. Like at 1st order. (Only gets rough when it's like 6 diff checks)

A lot of comic book villains are a single patent away from being heroes, amirite?

Heroes? Or villains that the legal system treats as heroes?

Vampires are really wasteful considering they drink from a human a few sips and leave them to die, amirite?

Not really, some would keep them as cattle right

All land should be given back and if not that, sold back for the exact same price, amirite?

Now you maybe asking yours, "well what about me? Where am I gonna go" and honestly if you wanna stay and you're of European decent, I think you should be able to stay on reservations of course.

So your solution to something that was terrible and didn't work is the same thing?


The problem with space travel is not that the distances are so far; the problem is that we are so short lived. amirite?

Those are literally the same problem.

You know you're still young when people don't offer you their seat on the bus, amirite?

In Denver, CO., senior citizens stand while Liberals and their dogs occupy the seats.

High school mathematics is actually very interesting. It's only that you didn't pay attention. amirite?

ADHD has entered the chat

Being on vacation sucks when you're broke as a joke. amirite?

Any vacation is a good vacation because I'm not at work.

It's crazy how fast we humans learned to recognize AI generated text, amirite?

the one good thing ai has given us is making me feel better about how i draw hands