The term racist tends to be abused very often. amirite?
@jaydakinsss It's also annoying when some people think its racist when some say "This black guy....." "OMG, why'd you have to...

"We passed an Indian restuarant on the way to work the other day and right next to it at the turning were these brightly coloured pinnatas where I had dropped my hummers keys last time .... "
"OH MY GOD! you racist you mean restuarant and just pinnatas not brightly coloured ones!! and you drive a hummer ?! environment killer !! kill yourself !! Don't ever speak with me again!"
" :S "

the worst prank you could possibly pull on someone would be, while someone is trying to fall back asleep, to but on a scary mask, barge into their room and yell "WHOS NEXT?". that would scar the person for life. amirite?
@8DUrkaron ={ I don't get it

well it does sound terrifying but I'm wondering if there's some specific relevance to the mask with 'who's next' ... =D

yeah for nibling


Hmm but maybe you haven't experienced the other side of the coin. I'm pretty thin and have been thin all my life, and I get so much unnecessary flack for it. I've never had a meal where someone hasn't commented about how much I eat. Because I'm thin even if I eat a substantial amount it is presumed that the quantity is less.i generally take two helpings but most ppl will presume that I'm going take just one helping and however much I've put. On my plate for that is all that. I'm going to eat for the whole meal. I feel like I have to justify myself whenever mealtime arrives because ppl will just make comments without even thinking. i get comments like you eat like a bird, are you on a diet, why do you eat less don't you know it's unhealthy, are you trying to compete with supermodels? And you can take it once in a while and just be like hahaha no I eat well ull see! But when u have to hahah heehee about people's fucked up assumptions on a daily basis it gets really tiring. Some people may even say these things good naturedly but most ppl are snide with their comments. Why should I be subjected to snide behavior every day because I'm thin? It's the same way on both sides believe me.

"go F..k yourself" thats literally impossible unless i cut my penis off and then you know how it goes. amirite?
@derp I've done it before. Feels kinda retarded tbh.

Are you the freakout kid with the remote ?? =D

Flabbergasted doesn't sound like a real word, amirite?


It's sad that we live in a time where you're judged by how many facebook friends you have. amirite?

We don't live in that time.

It's annoying how in some TV shows, you'll see a character's has a small detail about themselves (ex. Jerry doesn't drink beer), that is ignored in a later episode (ex. Jerry's in the background of the shot, drinking a beer). Amirite?
@8DUrkaron In That 70's Show , in the first season Donna has a younger sister in one of the episodes ....after which she's...

yeah exactly ! isn't that cool ...they just decided to revoke the younger sister after showing her !

I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain. It's two A.M. and I'm cursing your name. amirite?

did you write this yourself? =D

You'd be more freaked out if the sun suddenly disappeared at midday (NOT an eclipse) than if it suddenly appeared at midnight. You'd be crapping yourself either way, though. Amirite?

If it just appeared out of nowhere light and all at midnight , the first thing I would think would be alien invasion ! And I would FREAK

When your posts on amirite begin to look like this > #Noweating some organic food =D.amirite? It's time to give twitter a break. amirite?
@AndyBlacksmith People that aren't famous still use Twitter?

hahaha yeah sometimes it seems like the Fb for famous ppl doesn't it...... Twitter can be more fun when you're not busy following celebs actually

sometimes you think your physic, amirite?

I have thought that I was psychic before but never that I was physics =D

It's gross when you're doing a poo and the dirty water splashes back onto your ass, amirite?
What kind of human being! ...throws away bubble wrap without popping it ? I mean how can they be so disinterested in something as satisfying as bubble bursting, amirite?

Thank you! Thats the word! SOUL LESS!

Sorry, you're not cool for liking pokemon. Pokemon is overrated bull shit. It's all about the classic Nintendo games like Zelda and Mario, amirite?