About me.

Different bio now: Yo what's up my name is Annie I am a 2nd year at The University of Virginia. That's pretty much it, Have fun reading what my 15 year old self wrote below and please feel free to laugh at how tacky I was 5 years ago:

Well, hello there. Me llamo Annie. Err my name is Annie. I'm 15 and am from the oh so exciting state of Virginia.
So, I don't know what to put here, since I live such an extremely exciting life and there's just too much to say.

You will soon learn that the language I am most fluent in is sarcasm.

So never take anything I say seriously. So, I just about ran out of things to say. Oh right.

I am a Republican. That being said, I am pro-choice, and pro gay. And no, I am not a bible thumper. Those people just get on my nerves, to be honest.
Oh, and I must mention that I like Harry Potter. So knowing that, don't be stupid.

You should talk to me :) I'm pretty nice, just not all that sociable.

I don't know how to smile in pictures

Update 9/3/12: Wow I really haven't been on here in a long time.. how the times have changed!

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