It seems like all people against religion don't have a problem with Buddhism, amirite?

Buddhism isn't so much a religion as a philosophical viewpoint on things, which is why some people can be both buddhist and a different religion.

It's interesting how babies are actually born sort of as animals, all crawling and not comprehending (nor caring) for math and schedules and work and whatnot, but we as humans train them to become all human-y by teaching them to walk and do taxes. We train the little clumsy monkeys to become civilized and boring humans just like everybody else. It's not the race that is like this, it's the training. We're not naturally this way, we train each other to become this, amirite?

You should read the wiki article on humans. It's pretty interesting.

@Qeez no, evolution is slow. Incredibly slow. in the time it takes them to evolve into a sentient species mankind will...

They're already a sentient species in the fact that they are a living creature that is aware of its surroundings. I think you mean becoming self-aware, not just aware.

Facebook has to be one of the poorest programming jobs I've ever seen, amirite?
@__________ Zuckerburg couldn't code his way out of a paper bag. The real jobs are Operating systems, like Linux, where entire...

I never said I was, because there's no accurate way to compare us. I just know when to recognize poor design schemes.

You find it extremely pathetic when someone chooses "Live, laugh, love" as their senior quote, amirite?

That's why I'm on a hunt to find a great, unique quote.

Right now, I'm at "The perversity of the Universe tends toward a maximum."

Sometimes, when listening to music while doing your homework, you catch yourself writing the lyrics as an answer. amirite?

Q: What is your opinion on ___?
A: I like big butts and I cannot lie.

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible. amirite?

I think those without faith accept the explanation of the Big Bang and evolution pretty well.

You can't even draw a fucking star, amirite?

I can draw a regular star pretty well.

"This is the story all about how my life got twist-turned upside down.." You can finish this, amirite?

...I moved to Australia.

Am I doing it right?

Food always sounds fancier in a different language, amirite?
We have all accidently slipped and said Canadia, amirite?
@Italia is Italy in Italian, and it's how real Italians say it, so calling Italy Italia isn't really a fuck up.

Some people would consider il a fuck up if yo switched to a different language dans the middle of a sentence.

It's nice to have somethingto snack on while you do your homework, amirite?

While typing this, I have +70 Enchiladas in my fridge (homemade), while working on an English essay and coding project.

We have all accidently slipped and said Canadia, amirite?

Canadia, Germania, Norwegia, Italia...

You'd think that someone would have invented another kind of ketchup that doesn't have the disgusting ketchup water by now, amirite?

That stuff is puree evil.

Life is like a giant road trip, amirite?