Children (under 13-14) shouldn't be watching Jersey Shore, Housewives Of Anywhere, Adult Swim, listening to age inappropriate music (Young Money or songs like Sexy And I Know It, A$$/Remix), or having Facebook/Twitter accounts. Kids should be KIDS for as long as possible. They don't have to be totally sheltered, but some things can wait amirite?

WOOP WOOP Moral police coming through!

When you were young, you thought that if a computer got a virus it would actually explode or do something extreme, amirite?

It could melt if you got a virus that makes your computer overclock

Girls always say that they want a nice guy that will care about them, but go out with jerks and complain about it and never actually date the nice guy, amirite?

We're not quiet and boring, we actually take time to think about what we're going to say to start a genuine conversation instead of blurting out sexist jokes about you making us a sandwich...

The Silent Treatment is the one of the most annoying things a person can use against you, amirite?

But it's a GIFT! If an annoying person does it to you

The only reason Nickelodeon keeps making Jack Black the Kids Choice Awards host is because he's the only well known celebrity that can go more than an hour without cursing, amirite?
@dude havent you seen the posts talking smack about people going under anon then telling everyone who they are

People on amirite don't agree to a bunch of thoughts I have so I just anon-ed this :/

Sometimes its hard to imagine that the language you speak and know inside and out might be completely alien and incomprehensible to someone else, amirite?
Guys: It's really annoying when you stand up after sitting for a long while, and your penis is still inside of you, and it wont come out even if you wiggle around a lot, amirite?
It's annoying when people who think they're artsy call movies "films", amirite?

I have no idea what you're all talking about, I call them Cinematic Adventures...

A lot more people would like Justin Bieber if he had a British accent, amirite?

Charlieissocoollike would still be better than him

"Friday" by Rebecca Black is the WORST song EVER invented. It makes you lose hope in all of society, amirite?

Did anyone notice she sorta had a troll voice like the Annoying Orange during the chorus?

Mastercard commercials are really stupid. That "priceless" moment at the end actually just costs the sum of the prices of the other stuff used to achieve that moment, amirite?

Sticklers PLEASE! It's a joke!

It would be fun to get caught in a tornado if you were invinsible, amirite?

OP could have spell checked and there wouldn't be this confusion 0.o

You like to wear mismatched socks because it makes you feel bad ass, amirite?
Body-shaming is another evil usage of social media. Or do you have to put up with what you get given...?

You weren't given that. You can work on your body. It's possible, believe it or not.

In this age where numb feelings are considered "cool" how enthusiastic are you? Can you enthuse with the best of them?

When people tell me to calm down I tell them, "No" It's really that simple.