If extraterrestrials from light years away come to visit us, maybe we are their past. amirite?

or their future

and they were going the speed of light

and their planet went through a few ice ages since they left

Holywood turned nuclear bombs from most horrifying weapons, to humanity saving tool so many times, that public perception about them actually changed. amirite?

Has it? Don't imagine many people think Nuclear Bomb and go "I'm glad we have that in case we need to blow up an aliens mother ship or asteroid"

Dogs look at thier butts and see thier tails, but snakes look at thier tails and see thier butts, amirite?
@CastleMaddox Their*

Yah. I can't spell to save my life RIP

A milkshake a day keeps the bad vibes away. amirite?

I have a dairy allergy

It seems like whenever you clip your fingernails you are quickly confronted with a task that would have been way easier to accomplish if you had longer nails, amirite?
@freq432 Pick up classical guitar

I play acoustic guitar and never play with a pick so usually try to keep my right hand thumbnail and index finger nail just a bit longer but it sucks when I forget. Also sucks when your left hand nails are too long and the nails are resting against other strings that you aren't pressing down on so you get that buzz sound

Dating a nonbinary person is fun because it's always a surprise to find out what genitals you get when you undress them, amirite?
NNN will have even lower success rates than usual, amirite?

actually for nnn even lower success rates ARE USUAL.

Adam and Eve were just ordinary people: they did exactly what anyone would do if they were told "You may touch anything, but not that one thing". amirite?
@Alixkast Satan is the literal victim in the abusive relationship (of parenthood?) with god.

He's more like a scapegoat for all the bad things that are still necessary for making god's plan work. Humans are the victims.

Maybe cops started the whole pants down thing to make criminals easier to catch. amirite?
@Mcgee0 Penis is a handlebar

I can get arrested with no handle bar no handle bar nooo handle bar.

Maybe cops started the whole pants down thing to make criminals easier to catch. amirite?
@paintingsbyO Pants down thing?

People that lower their pants down so their but and underwear are hanging out. It makes it much harder to run. Common amongst thugs and criminals that think being gangsta is cool.

The more order people have. The more they crave chaos. The more chaos people have. The more they crave order. amirite?

The more dick OP mom sucks, the less of a thrill it is.

If Monsters Inc and Toy Story took place in a shared universe the toys would have stayed up all night defending their children from the scary monsters. amirite?

Plot twist: they are the same universe, and your toys don't want to protect you.

Maybe cops started the whole pants down thing to make criminals easier to catch. amirite?
Passengers napping while you're driving is a huge compliment. Like, they trust you enough to believe that they can sleep and will wake up alive later, as you're maneuvering a fast hunk of steel amongst other fast hunks of steel. amirite?

or you accidentally have the exhaust coming into the cockpit & you're next

The ocean has killed more people over the years than all wars combined. amirite?
@Plastic_Island3688 Just zero percent chance of proving this to be true.

Well, official records state 230,000 people die each year to drowning. Times that by a few million years, and you have a pretty goddarn big number.