Because of our habits, many people know the word for sunset in a foreign language, but not for sunrise. amirite?

I know enough of three languages to not starve to death, and I have no idea what it is in any of them. Evening or dawn, yeah. But not sunrise or sunset.

Calling movies "pictures" is more satisfying. amirite?

I love watching Siskel and Ebert reviews (mostly because they squabble like an old married couple, but that's beside the point) and I noticed that Gene Siskel always calls them 'pictures'. I agree, I like that term.

If extraterrestrials from light years away come to visit us, maybe we are their past. amirite?

or their future

and they were going the speed of light

and their planet went through a few ice ages since they left

Holywood turned nuclear bombs from most horrifying weapons, to humanity saving tool so many times, that public perception about them actually changed. amirite?

Has it? Don't imagine many people think Nuclear Bomb and go "I'm glad we have that in case we need to blow up an aliens mother ship or asteroid"

Any Chocolate other than Dark Chocolate is awful, and I don't know why ANYONE likes it, let alone craves it. amirite?

I was a dark-chocolate-only type until I had Belgian and Swiss milk chocolate (brought FROM those places by coworkers) and now I seek out European milk chocolate, even more than dark. It's so creamy and genuinely tastes like milk and chocolate, not overly sweet and not chemical.

Sweating probably felt great before we invented clothes, amirite?
@Tldfonat Lmao dude it's real and it blows my mind I see it every year. I'm like "it's 60 out and you look like you're ready...

I met a guy who moved from Texas in college, he said "yeah I hear it gets cold here" I said "you better buy a space suit fam."

Every number between 0 and infinity are imaginary, amirite?

All existence is an illusion... Hooray

Dogs look at thier butts and see thier tails, but snakes look at thier tails and see thier butts, amirite?
@CastleMaddox Their*

Yah. I can't spell to save my life RIP

Pranks and cringe are the lowest forms of media. amirite?
@KilljoyX We have cringe daily with the political scene.

I wish I could laugh at it, but it's so depressing to watch.

A milkshake a day keeps the bad vibes away. amirite?

I have a dairy allergy

It seems like whenever you clip your fingernails you are quickly confronted with a task that would have been way easier to accomplish if you had longer nails, amirite?
@freq432 Pick up classical guitar

I play acoustic guitar and never play with a pick so usually try to keep my right hand thumbnail and index finger nail just a bit longer but it sucks when I forget. Also sucks when your left hand nails are too long and the nails are resting against other strings that you aren't pressing down on so you get that buzz sound

We eat pizza from the inside out, amirite?

I definitely eat pizza outside-in, saving the middle bit for last. Technically I eat pizza in a spiral, if I really think about it.

People who play instruments deserve more hype, amirite?
@teknogreek I remember one talent show at school, a kid played the violin. The first piece he played was a nice classical...

Why is that sad? People want to hear things they relate to. I can appreciate some classical music, but it's not my favourite style so I'll applaud for it politely. If they then play something like Somebody to Love by Queen I'll applaud much louder because I had a much better experience as I love that song.

Performing music isn't about technical work, but about what your audience wants to hear and see. I can spend thousands of hours becoming the fastest blast beat drummer in the world, but performing that at a classical music performance won't impress the audience.

Dating a nonbinary person is fun because it's always a surprise to find out what genitals you get when you undress them, amirite?
You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose but it's not proper to pick your friends nose. amirite?

Only if you're a joke from the 80s