I think drug dealers serve one good purpose - putting the stuff in mental hospital drugs inside the drugs they sell and attacking believers in mental hospitals right back.

Yeah and "crazy" types are inferior. I can name many of those types that are beneath me - road rage types, drug addict bums - though the drug addict is admittedly me taking my anger out on them

It's better to have a friend with two chins....than to have one with two faces. Amirite?

Say that to a lot of people here. Too many pieces of crap would backstab me in a bad situation gone wrong.
But some who are open haters I do respect, even one is an ugly crackhead dope - in the idiot sense of the word.

You just found out that the world will end in 48 hours. What would you do?
@Cantstop Adam, this really isn't necessary

Oh it ain't? But you go do to me... so go buzz off, crackhead.

Are drug users pathetic?

Besides while some alcoholic beverages are bad, they don't inherently cause you to act a fool like drugs do.

Men and women are about equally inclined to be sexist, but like everything else, men are just better at it. Amirite?

It's about equal

Happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with them. Steve Maraboli

And the ability to punch of them - in the form of a person here hahaha JK

You just found out that the world will end in 48 hours. What would you do?
@Cantstop Drink up..but be careful, somebody might take advantage, lol

Take your own advice, bro. Cause you sound like someone's gonna do that to you.

Are drug users pathetic?

That's not drugs.

Are drug users pathetic?

I mean users of illegal drugs like pot and weed.

Journalist in trouble for shooting at ISIS. Screw ISIS - good for him!

Time to erratacate these gangsta McDonald's-eating trumpet-loving "bro"-hating - hence anti-Italian - savages off the planet. Islam is a perversion of everything right.

You a gangsta [lol I'm mocking hip hop music]
@Maid4uP Terrible expressions of spoon fed 'culture' lol

I don't like hip hop at all. I just think it's amusingly stupid.

What did you eat for Christmas?

Oh... we had ham too. I just didn't eat any. I don't like ham lol

Reggaeton is awesome

I hope you don't think Riveras are white but those surnames ending in -ez aren't.

What did you eat for Christmas?

I was just saying what I ate...