Is Islam a bad religion?

I beg to differ. No religion (and I'm including the Eastern religions) teaches that it's OK to terrorize non-believers like Islam. Even in the Old Testament God was forgiving if people made sacrifices. Islam isn't that forgiving.

And I didn't say Christianity was the only peaceful one. The Hindus in India don't trust the Muslims.

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LOL JK, it's 1991 but it's so old it sounds 1970s.
Fight music.

It's National Unblock Anyone Who Hasn't ACTUALLY "Harassed" You Day!!! Will You Join In With This Gesture of Goodwill Towards All? ;)

Only one is blocked, and I'm not gonna unblock him. He can go screw himself.

Do you love theatre?
@dru18 I LOVE live Theater!!

I can never understand how hoodlums and gangstaz hate Broadway. Never seen a musical with hip hop in it.

Would you ever force portions or a diet on your household?

Me? HELL NO! Been through the white liberal nonsense for too long. I would never do that! I mean I wouldn't buy snacks all the time, and no junk food, but I would cook spaghetti and white rice and French fries every now and then. Switch it up. Dieting is suicide honestly.

Do you like Steven Seagal?
@StarzAbove Nope

He's an arrogant thug who think he's "gangsta." He puts that act in many of his movies.
In "Urban Justice" he says, "Who you calling white boy, ?" What a dumb
In "Out for justice," he tries to act black saying, "You were sucking his thumb while your brother was around town sucking dicks."

Anyone here hate Donald Trump like I do?

Believe it or not, Trump is not distrustworthy, as much as he could be a douche.
He's no Bloomberg. He had a consistent platform. He's just more liberal cause he's from NY.
I just don't think he's gonna give a damn about us Hispanics or blacks. He's proven it time to time. BUt he will keep the country's interests at heart. I do believe that. Hilary won't.

Do you love theatre?
@Mogal Yes, I love it!

Mogal, you're one of those white girls who talks like white women from the 1980s right? I mean that in a good way :D

You're a rarity if that's the case. Most white people these days don't talk very old-fashioned. It's an outdated thing. They say "dude" and "totally" and things like "tweet" a lot LMAO and "roomie."

Would you rather be a slave or a mental hospital patient? [ I'd rather be a slave than be some drugged up patient who is talked bad about. ]
Militant atheism is the best religious stance, amirite?

Definitely. Atheism simply is the disbelief in a deity.
Problem is too many atheists in the mainstream do attack Judeo-Christianity though. That's why they sometimes get a bad reputation.
But the regular atheist simply doesn't believe in any deity, regardless of the religion.

It's better to have a friend with two chins....than to have one with two faces. Amirite?


I don't like neither. But I do prefer Trump cause he's the lesser of the two bads.

Is Islam a bad religion?
@PhilboydStudge I'm not a big fan of any organized religion, but Islam seems to have a disproportionately large number of radicals...

Islam is really more a cult than a religion if you think about it. The idea that it's restricted to terrorist attacks is nonsense. The Moors were extremely cruel and vicious to those they conquered.

Is laziness the inspiration of invention?

Nope quite the contrary. An active mind is what creates inventions. Scientific exploration also adds to this as well.