Everyone has that one weird smell that they secretly enjoy, amirite?

Garages and basements: a strange mix of chemicals, gasoline, plywood, and laundry detergent.

Well your maternal figure's frontal lobe is so minuscule that her cranial volume is less than that of a pipette.

When thinking about it, you have zero idea whether you dream in first or third person. Amirite?

Mine are sometimes first, sometimes third, I've had a few where I was someone other than me, but there was also a "me" person, and some where I'm not even in it, and its just like watching a movie.

Going as a Jehovah's Witness for halloween is a bad idea, all the doors would just be slammed in your face, amirite?
The Last Airbender was one of the best comedies of the year, amirite?
It's really scary that Ke$ha is a certified genius, amirite?
Watches are a fashion accessory more than something you actually need since everyone has a cellphone nowadays. amirite?

Some people will get pissed if you pull out a phone at work or in school, but they're alright with you checking a watch.

The jeans they make for girls suck. We can't put our hands in our pockets at all, unlike guys who can do it up to their elbow. What are the pockets even for!? All you can fit in there is one coin, amirite?

I know, right? I have to check the pockets whenever I buy jeans, because if I don't, I have no where to put my phone.

Moths are furry little flying demons, amirite?

I feel bad for moths, they're like butterflies' ugly little brother.

Dear God, all I could ever wish for is to have never been born. I didn't ask to be in this world, live through this pressure and all the while wonder if I'm doing it right at all in the first place. You've inflicted this virus of a life on innocent people because of the mistakes two people made. Where is your justice? amirite?

I get what you're saying, but I think, despite everything wrong with the world, I'd choose to exist.

It's really scary that Ke$ha is a certified genius, amirite?

Who knows, she's probably quite bright when she's sober.

You have never actually woke up like the people do in the movies: Sitting up straight with a smile on your face, the sun shining in your room.. amirite?

Sometimes I try to get up with a positive attitude and hop out of bed really fast to get the blood flowing. But the last time I attempted that (on Monday) my leg decided not to work and I fell flat on my face. Honestly, I don't think there's anything good about mornings.

M. Night Shymalan has scared the crap out of you through the masterpieces called "Signs" and/or "The Village.", amirite?

M. Night Shymalan sucks. He ruined my favorite cartoon.

Younger teachers (or ones fresh out of college) are usually chill, amirite?

Pshh, I wish.

Sunflower seeds are extremely addicting, amirite?

Uck, the whole drumline has been eating them for the last year, and the entire band practice field(aka my schools back parking lot) is covered it the seed shells.