Life is like a function. It has its ups and downs, minimums and maximums, and zeroes (turning points in life), amirite?

i had a test on second derivatives and concavity today, and there was a graph just like this. it made me want to cry

Everyone in the world comes from monkeys, except the British. They come from Wales. amirite?
If you were the president, you know one thing you would change straight away. Amirite?

inb4 "LEGALIZE WEED!!!1!!"

Shows are automatically better when they don't have a laugh track, amirite?

sometimes you can't tell when they're trying to be funny though...

They should make contact lenses that are like sunglasses so you can wear them when you're swimming, amirite?
The Penn State board kind of overreacted. I mean, nullifying every win from the past 13 years is a little extreme, amirite?

I feel like they should be punishing a few select people, not the entire program. Just because the crimes were committed by the coach[es] doesn't mean all the players and stuff should be penalized. For instance, if a player takes steroids, only he/she is punished. Or if the president commits and crime and is impeached, the citizens of America wouldn't be punished.

People who ditch their animals on the side of the road are disgusting, amirite?

worse is when they throw them off a bridge/ dump them in a river

You don't understand why couples post all their lovey dovey shit all over each other's facebook walls. No one wants to see it, especially no one single. Just send them a private message, or a text. amirite?

or when people post statuses like "I LOVE YOU LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3" if its directed towards specifically one person, why make a status?

My fellow handsome straight men: Gay marriage seems like an alright idea, but if it's legal, what's gonna stop a gay man from coming to our houses at night, and gay marrying us while we're asleep? It really makes you think, amirite?

Simply fantastic use of satire.

Sort by price "high to low", yeah because I want to spend heaps of money, that's why I'm buying this shit online instead of in a store, amirite?

i do that just to look at all the nice things i can't have

whether you want to admit it or not, justin bieber's new song is way catchy. and you probably catch yourself singing it if you hear "if I was your boyfriend, i'd never let you go" amirite?
@PurpleZebra Swag swag swag, on you.

i always thought it was "swipe swipe swipe, on you" because he's talking about blowing money... so he would like swipe a credit card...

If a username is just the person's name, it makes the person look cool, but if it's the person's name with a numbers attached it makes them look unoriginal, amirite?

did anyone else immediately look at this person's username?

You've never actually been asked, "Do you want fries with that?", when you go to a restaurant. Usually they will just say, "Is that all you'll be having?", or something like that, after you order, amirite?

if you order an appetizer as a meal at a sit-down restaurant, they typically ask

i watched this episode this morning!

Sometimes you really just want to take a gun to the speakers on the ice cream truck that plays that song over...and over...and over... amirite?

imagine driving that thing day after day