About me.

My first name starts with E, and my middle name is Claire, hence the username _^

  • I draw. Actually, art is pretty much my whole life.
  • If you're curious about what I draw, click this
  • I know a lot more about (Tibetan) Buddhism compared to most Westerners. Compared to someone who's very familiar with Eastern customs though, I know nothing.
  • I really like deviled eggs.
  • I'm not on here much anymore... mostly because I'm on Tumblr too much now.
  • I'm slowly becoming more and more of a hippy, which is unfortunate because no one takes hippies seriously.
  • Other than art, the thing I'm most interested in is language.
  • I'm remarkably ticklish. Seriously, just touch my arm and I'll laugh.

Me and the Dalai Lama have pretty similar political views.