Its always awkward when you and a friend are eating, and when you decide to use your ketchup bottle it makes a queef sound, amirite?

I didn't necessarily agree on the "awkward" of it, but the use of queef instead of fart totally made my day, so thank you

You've liked a song before that was in a language you don't speak, amirite?


People make their relationship status on FaceBook "It's complicated" when they should really put "Sammie and Ronnie", amirite?

Will Ferrel put this on twitter.

Guys: Sometimes, you wish you could use a purse without looking gay, amirite?

Bookbag goes with me everywhere. I probably look like a tool, but it gets the job done

The Kool-Aid guy running through the Berlin Wall would have been the most epic and thirst quenching event in history, amirite?

Only if it was followed by an obnoxiously loud "OH YEAH"

I'm rascististist. I hate people who think everything's rascist. amirite?


Nerdy doesn't automatically mean unattractive, amirite?

When is this whole hipster phase going to die out

Skrillex isn't dubstep, amirite?

Who cares what people call it. He still blazed on the music scene from nowhere and is one of the most talented dudes out there

In movies, when a time bomb starts it's countdown, you also do countdown in your mind even though you're not seeing the time bomb anymore in the next scenes, amirite?

And it NEVER seems to go at the same speed. 45 seconds in movie time is at least a half hour

Magic is like NASCAR: We only watch it in case someone messes up. amirite?

Much too soon

Even though it's hair, it would just be weird to use shampoo on your pubic hairs, amirite?

Would this be good timing for a "I'm 12 and what is this"?

Suicide is not the answer, because mixing coke and sprite is disgusting, amirite?

When I was a little kiddie I called it a "sproke". Suicide sounds way more intense

"Wall virginity, taken ;D" ...Because that's the only kind of virginity you'll be taking anytime soon, amirite?

What makes you lose your wall V-card? I don't follow

So far, there've been bands who have Broken Benjamin, Asked Alexandria, Framed Hanley, and set Alexis on fire. You've gotta wonder who's next, amirite?

And killed whitney dead, destroyed the runner, hunted the demon, escaped the fate, killed the prom queen, jimmy ate the world, and came as romans

Some people talk about themselves so much that you know more about them than you know about yourself. amirite?

I feel this way about Harry Potter. I've never even seen it, but because of this website I feel like I've read and analyzed every book extensively