Our life is the opposite of a banana's. We're cared about when not enough ripe and when too ripe, but not in the middle. amirite?

Is our ripeness our age or our emotional well being?

In the future we'll have VR prisons to save money, amirite?

Queue Altered Carbon option

If you see someone not wearing a mask in public, feel free to mind your own business. amirite?

Run away. Or at least double the 6ft. Idiots can kill you.

Ugly people were chosen by nature not to reproduce. amirite?

There's a workaround. It's called alcohol and doggystyle

Loud farts are your intestines exhaling heavily because they're upset at your choices. amirite?
Regina Georgia's mum was a better mum than a lot of people think. amirite?

too bad her daughter took advantage of it :(

With everyone wearing masks, life has probably gotten a lot tougher for deaf people. amirite?

Naw, it's just a lot quieter.

If you can't figure out what a commercial is advertising, it's a a car commercial. amirite?
@Or perfume/cologne

I've often wondered if a cologne commercial would be more successful if instead of showing abstract imagery it spent 30 seconds describing the notes and qualities of the fragrance with relevant imagery of the ingredients.

Clits looking like tiny penises is something everyone decided to never talk about, amirite?

Some do, some don't.

No matter how grilled cheese you get, it's always fun watching your bread weld together. amirite?
No food tastes better at lukewarm temp, amirite?
There's no good general verb form of sex, amirite?

There's also fornicate, although I don't know if that's any better than penetrate...

X is the most common letter in user interfaces, since it is what you click to close something, amirite?
@Not "e"? For file, settings, view, help on the toolbar.

Everything you open with e is closed with X, but not everything that is closed with X is opened with e.

If we could deep fry a Tyrannosaurus Rex we would yield an obscene amount of chicken nuggets. amirite?

They wouldn't be "chicken"

Humans don't have tails so instead we wag our knees, amirite?
@In what world do you wag your knees

If he means shake then I know where I would shake my knees