it would be really gross if you saw a tampon floating around in a public pool, amirite?

Eeew! Thanks for that image! Was it a used one? :)

Dreams are so called because they are unreachable. Running behind your dreams is the same as trying to catch the wind with your hands. Knowing that you probably won't realise them is what makes their beauty. amirite?
@You're deep, like as deep as the ocean

(Kidney_Now!): thank you dear. I try my best when writing these things.

Never do something you'd not want to explain to the paramedics, amirite?
@This isn't original.

i heard that from a friend and someone else posted the same thing one hour after me.

it sucks when you waited for a week to watch a episode of anime and its not uploaded. amirite?

I totally hate that and sometimes you know you're not going a new one because the previous week a double episode was released.

-40°F = -40°C, amirite?

If i'm not mistaken the two scales intersect only once..

Men want the same thing from their underwear that they want from women, a little bit of support and a little bit of freedom, amirite?
Bonjour, je t'aime. Amirite?
When you think about it, girls are confusing. We wear low cut tops and tight pants, and do all we can to get noticed by boys. But when they stare or try to go down our pants or anything, we get angry. Poor boys, amirite?
@maybe she wants to feel good about herself, or be noticed by one specific guy

i agree with you that some girls do this to impress a guy in particular and i don't mind this. But if she is trying to catch the eye of a specific guy, that doesn't mean that only that one guy will notice her :) its bound to happen that lots of other guys will be looking at her. So it isn't really creepy or pervy if she gets many looks or stares because in first place she wanted someone to notice her. Its just the chain reaction that follows when she dresses that way. And if a girl really want to feel good about herself she should first try to forget about the opinion and perception of other people about her. That would be a better start. I hope you get what i'm trying to say. :)

Sometimes the animal cracker barely resembles the animal it's supposed to, amirite?

When i got a giraffe, i'd always eat its neck first :)

there's always that one friend you can tell everything and anything to, and you're very greatful you have her/him, amirite?
The lyrics of a song can sometimes make the song itself wonderful or completely ruin it depending on the meaning and how well they are written, amirite?

Hmmmm that's the 3rd post i made anonymous with this account that got to the homepage :) lol :) just search for mrlyrics :)

One of the things I'm looking forward to in old age is the ability to say: "When I was YOUR age...", amirite?

Wow. I posted something very similar.. Wait it was basically the same idea but worded differently :) :)

I think I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe, amirite?

If you want have a look at my other posts of today. They're also pretty nice, its just that i posted them too early in the day and they didn't get enough votes :)

you've seen a movie or read a book that has made you cry :( amirite?
I guess you didn't know that flamethrowers are legal in most of US states, amirite?