@I don't want it there. Do we put a Japanese memorial near the pearl harbor base? My parents worked in tower 1 on...

It has nothing to do with whether you want it "there" (several New York blocks away, in an abandoned area...) and everything to do with the First Amendment.

In Capitalist America, bank robs YOU, amirite?
God must be an atheist, because his apparent need for people to validate his existence with worship shows that he doesn't believe in himself, amirite?
@anorafox that's cold.... christians go on this sight to.... and we would appreciate it if you didnt post such things.

Such things as my opinions? I thought that was the whole purpose of the site. If you don't agree with my opinion, downvote it. Simple.

God must be an atheist, because his apparent need for people to validate his existence with worship shows that he doesn't believe in himself, amirite?
@asdijojioiojioxj Yes, but it's absurd to pick on our religion, we don't bash Islam, atheism, or anyone else because we don't agree.

Who said I was "picking on your religion"? I was poking fun at (mono)theism in general. I never once said anything about Christianity. And who is "we"? I see posts all the time from a Christian point of view.

In Capitalist America, bank robs YOU, amirite?
@StickCaveman No.

Suit yourself. I thought it was funny.

Sesame Street is too fucking politically correct these days. Fuck this Elmo BS. Cookie Monster doesn't eat vegetables, he's the fucking Cookie Monster. Oscar The Grouch has a house now? No. He lives in the fucking trash can, and that's the end of it, amirite?
Be straight. Be gay. I don't care. But being bi? Now that's just greedy. Amirite?

Not only is this unoriginal, it's not right. Bisexuals are not greedy. Are you greedy if you like two different flavors of ice cream? Greedy people are people who cheat on their partners.

Being a gay transsexual would be redundant, amirite?
@Why can't I live as a woman? Because... I can't wear women's clothes anymore, I cry whenever I do. They don't feel...

I'm a cisgendered female and that almost made me cry. There is so much transphobia in the world, it's disgusting. Even stigma against gays (I'm a lesbian myself) pales in comparison with the crap transsexuals have to put up with...

Why do we say vegetarian instead of fruitatarian, amirite?

"Veg" meaning "vegetation", not "vegetable". Or "vegetable" and in "animal, vegetable, or mineral".

So in America equal rights really means equal rights for every straight male. Gays can't get married and women can't get an abortion. Great job America! amirite?

I agree with this post, but seriously, I'm tired of seeing this stuff on amirite. Most people here are teenagers, and the vast majority agrees. You're preaching to the choir. A better way to get the message out is by talking to older people (you know, those people who can actually vote).

Why is it so hard to believe that some people think they're gay at an early age? You thought you were straight, didn't you? amirite?

I knew I was a lesbian in sixth grade when I had a huge crush on this girl in my class. I don't see how people don't figure it out until they're married with children.

How do you execute a fictional character? By nailing him to a cross. amirite?
Internet killed the video star, amirite?
@No I'm pretty shure it's vidoe.

Sound it out. Vid-OH-ee? WTF? And it's "sure", not "shure".

Definition of a teacher: Someone who works 180 days a year and complains about being underpaid, amirite?

Take a joke. I love teachers, actually, and I really appreciate what they do; I just hate when they bitch about being underpaid all the time.

You can't sing a duet by yourself. It's like vocal masturbation, amirite?