About me.

Haha well I love to laugh, I not very good at this amirite stuff lol but oh well, I also like having lots of friends

My best post involve skittles and head-on lol what an odd combination

I am always listening to music

I don\'t smoke marajuana but I have nothing against it, I mean it grows naturally so what is the point of it being illegal

I like Italian food alot!

I cuss lol alot (that should probably look more like I cuss alot lol that looks better)

Guess what!...............VAGINA lol ya ik I\'m immature but who cares (queermuffins)

I don\'t know why I am writing this lol I dont think anyone will actually read it but o well it\'s something to do, amirite? Haha that was stupid i know

I HATE spiders to death I will run if I see one or stomp on it even if i know it is dead already

I do lots of sports but I\'m only doing boxing currently

I\'m like cars alot!

This is probably the most time I have ever spent on an about me thing

I\'m a trouble maker

I do NOT lie unless it is to get a friend out of trouble

I love sarcasm except when it\'s used on me of course

I am OBSESSED with my hair lol

I don\'t know why I keep capitalizing stuff

Anyways add me =) and write me a quick message or whatever I don\'t care what it involves lol

Good day!......I said good day!

  wee woo wee woo :P