If Osama bin Laden could hear the sick jokes being told about him, he would be turning in his wave! amirite?


I think osama bin laden is the saviour. He has saved us from all the royal nonsense, amirite?

troll or arrogant bastard?

It's awkward when your Japanese teacher who has a sore throat tells you that her scratchy voice sounds sexy and she likes it, amirite?
Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease. amirite?

It's love, weed, and chicken grease


Why do some people troll anonymously? It just shows that you don't have the balls to say it while logged in, amirite?

um...excuse me sir..but why dont you have the balls to log on? you are anonymous too.

There is more to life then just getting good grades, amirite?

I bet you got a B in grammar.

Jwow is your favorite girl on jersey shore, amirite?

who watches that kerfuffle?

It's sometimes unsatisfying when you finish eating and you don't have enough of your drink to quench your thirst, amirite?
It's always weird when you're creeping on someones photos on Facebook, and you see yourself in the background on one of the, amirite?

one of the....
continue please.

it would be pretty cool to watch all the other peoples dreams that you were in. amirite?
Dentists have to understand that when you have to swallow, you have to swallow, amirite?
There's a huge difference between "hot" and "Beautiful" amirite?
@Hot has three letters, beautiful has nine letters.

thats not the difference i was referring to, but thanks?

The bipolar face... :(: amirite?

My friend's mom has bipolar, and it's not as bad as people think.

There's a huge difference between "hot" and "Beautiful" amirite?
Everything we do is for sex, amirite?

because i do my quadratic polar functions for sex.