About me.

It's been great guys. But I'm off. I don't really like where this site's come and I miss it. I miss the stimulating discussation/debates, the hilarious and thought-provoking posts, and the wonderful users that made me smile.

Shout out to some of my favorite users over the past two years I've been on this site (in no particular order): colebowl, SpearminkMilk, Mike_Hawk, StickCaveman, spareseconds, Simon, ActionMan, Favvkes, muddyringlets, and fuzala. I know there are many others that I've met on here that I've loved reading posts/comments from, and I apologize that I can't remember them all right now. (Most of them are gone anyway, and that's very sadmaking)

Message me for my email if you want it. I'm really going to miss y'all. I might still come on here as an anon user, but my amirite days have sadly come to a close. Keeping sharing your opinions, and don't let the man keep you down.