How much taking care of inmates deserve?
@ozzyboy You seem to miss the point of insurance all together much less compulsory insurance. Just because you don't like a...

Just my opinion, on the one hand it feel right that everybody should carry insurance the fact that it is mandated takes us to the next step in that line of thinking if I have insurance then I am not at fault even if i am the one that hit you. in the guise of being fare to everyone the insurance companies and the government have dope us into believing that nothing is our fault and if i carry enough insurance then I don't half to be responsible for my action this is just one symptom of what is wrong with our country today it is always someone else’s fault. He is correct that victimless crimes such as the guy who is arrested for having two ounces of weed because he wants to space out his visits to his pusher and then gets pulled over and goes to jail for 5 years because he was caring enough that they can get him on sale charges even though that was never his intent. Now don’t get me wrong he is responsible for his situation but the reason these laws are in place are to feed the coffers not to keep us safe from this hardened criminal.

Is It True? Beardless Men Cause 'Indecent Thoughts' In Other Men Who Mistake Them For Women

well I was going to comment but it's pretty much all been said oh d##m that was a comment

I think with the new tax bill the typical American household, two parents, two kids, a few limited liability partnerships, a couple of individual real estate LLC’s, and three or four investment vehicles throwing off streams of passive income, will be doing quite well.

and I laugh when I hear the DEM's saying anything about raising the debt.

I think with the new tax bill the typical American household, two parents, two kids, a few limited liability partnerships, a couple of individual real estate LLC’s, and three or four investment vehicles throwing off streams of passive income, will be doing quite well.
Do you think parents do care about going to jail after eventually, threatening to physically harm their children but says they don't care about to going to jail? Not knowing that the judge can give them like, 3 to 5 years, something like that, depending how the severe the crime was?

when my daughter was twelve she came home from school and told me that I could not spank her anymore cause if I did the police would come and arrest me and take me to jail after she called 911 ( now it had been years since I had paddled her) so I told her she was right but asked if her teacher had told her the rest of the story and she said no. So I told her that they would indeed come and take me to jail but they would also take her away from home and put in a foster home and I would post bail and be home the next day. But she would still be in the foster home. She being the smart child that she was questioned her teacher the next day and her teacher agreed. I never heard another word about it.


come on Tiff the race card


Compassion is a virtue the weakest among us have none, If it were a weakness then hope and Love would be flaws and not the strongest forces of all. from a poem I read many years ago.


I know that this does not look good and that they used poor judgment that said what if it had been cool-aide would we then be saying that they detained him for two days for having cool aide. Look this is a tragedy that kid should never have died they should have taking it away from him and never given it back. but I was sixteen once and I can tell you this I thought I could get away with anything and that I was indestructible. And there were a couple of time I should have died but there was always someone there to pull me from the brink and they should have been there for him they should both be fired at the very least they are trained professionals yes they should be held accountable.

Makes sense to get what you ask for.

It get around that the bar is serving tainted alcohol nobody go there anymore and the bar closes guess regulation can be handled with out the government.

Let's talk about ex-con vets. They served our country in the military, and later committed a crime. They served for that too, now they are out of prison. They paid their debt to society. Should we kick them out of the country?

Not sure where you are going with this one Viczinc? Need a little more back ground. if you are suggesting that if you commit a crime you should be kick out of the country then no. if your saying because they are veterans that they have already committed crime and the one they did jail time for is like a third strike then I still have to say no as long as they are U.S.citizens and did their time then they should be allowed to get on with their lives. Like I said not sure where you going with this one?

Which is more cowardly? Hiding behind anonymous, or hiding behind an autocrat?

Well you cannot hide behind an autocrat they will make you bow before them so i guess anonymous. Unless you are talking about the merging tool, guess I just dated myself.


We are all prostitutes to something most of us to our jobs. You agree to do x for a certain amount of money. What make yours or my profession any different? I would never for any amount of money be a RN or and EMT. But I am a control operator at a power plant and I will tell you this if I didn’t get paid I wouldn’t be there. An RN runs a much higher risk of getting something from their job. Hey just my opinion never understood the big deal about it as long as both parties are free to choose.

"Wisdom is before him that has understanding; but the eyes of a fool are in the ends of the earth." What do you think this ancient proverb means? Do you see any examples of it in the modern world?

wisdom come before understanding but the fool seek niether wisdom or understanding he just seeks.

The senate just voted 50-50 with Pence supplying the tiebreaker, to kill class action lawsuits and to enforce arbitration rules. Wells Fargo, Equifax and all other large corporations and banks win again. Did you really think the republicans care about 'Main Street' more than they care about 'Wall Street'?