You want to know what Dumbledore actually saw in the Mirror of Erised. amirite?
@DandyLion I thought it was him holding the three deathly hollows.

"At last he knew what Dumbledore would have seen when he looked into the Mirror of Erised, and why Dumbledore was so understanding of the fascination it had exercised over Harry." Dumbledore understood why Harry kept coming back night after night to see his family, because Dumbledore also wanted his family together more than everything.

What would be cool is if there was a job, and all you had to do was turn a wheel to generate electricity, it would create green energy and make more jobs all at the same time, amirite?

I think it would be awesome to have a "hamster-style" generator company. Just a bunch of athletic people on running on wheels or treadmills, getting paid by the hour or something.

Anyone? No?

There's no logical reason for washing machines to have those little windows. I mean, who watches their laundry be cleaned, amirite?

Um, I like to watch the washing machine, actually....

I want to be a 109 aire, so freakin' bad. Buy all of the base units I never had. I wanna be on the cover of Scientific American, smiling next to Einstein and Hawking, amirite?
@BronySystem Oh every time I close my eyes... I see radius/pi

Pi, oh my, I swear
The nerds better prepare
For when I win the science fair

In a healthy human body, when one cell becomes infected or mutated, it will signal other cells to destroy it to ensure it doesn't spread. This is because the survival the the human body as a whole is more important than the survival of one cell. Humanity could learn a vital lesson from this, amirite?

....Was anybody else thinking about this in terms of a zombie apocalypse?

You know how awkward it would be to have braille shirts for blind people? "Oh, you're wearing an aeropostale today? What's this lump on your sh-- ... oh... oh, gosh. I'm sorry" amirite?
@track_star (:)): Not really, you're dumb :)

What was so dumb about that? It was a reasonable guess, what does POTH stand for then? Post of the hell??

White people evolved lighter skin when the moved to Europe from Africa, meaning that white people are more evolved than black people, which means, it's not racist to say that we're smarter. amirite?
@scrantoncity No, they evolved utterly, not just skin. Here: your beloved science proves whites are more intelligent then blacks:...

Oh my goodness, it's you again!!! Why?!?
Surprisingly, I don't feel like debating right now, so just going to say a couple things and leave.
-Since when is everything on the internet concrete fact? The links you're giving us look a bit shady. A article written by a guy based on his opinion cannot back up your own opinion.
-See that word in my last point? OPINION. People who are smart and want people to respect them do not speak like every sentence they utter is the law of the universe. Just because you say "Evaluation didn't happen." so matter-of-fact, doesn't actually make it a fact.
-"Science" doesn't say anything, because science isn't one big united thing that everyone agrees on. "Scientist CLAIMS." "THEORY of so-and-so." "DISPUTE over blah blah blah." Scientists disagree! They have different opinions! Different theories! Different research! (Shocking, huh) And there's many, many scientists.


"I'm on amirite, if you're picking up what I'm laying down."

'FUS RO DAH' is the new 'THIS IS SPARTA', amirite?
@jordanhefner You must not know bout me. You must not know bout me.

I can have another youuu in a minute. In fact, he'll be here in a minute, baaby.

When a woman dresses like a slut and gets raped, she should at least share part of the blame. Amirite?
@Smokydogy women can dress how they want but they shouldnt dress half naked or like you said "like sluts" because there are...

People are NEVER to blame for getting raped, no matter what their actions. True, there are ways to protect yourself from rape, but you cannot be blamed if you do get raped, because rape is a decision made ONLY by the rapist. There's no such thing as "asking" for rape. I agree with you that showy clothing is meant to promote sexuality, but it's still not the person's fault that the rapist acted on their urges. That's like a fat person saying it's the food's fault they ate it cause it was so irresistibly delicious. Also, mentally insane people are not held accountable the same way sane people are; that's why there's insanity pleas in court.

If you see a Jewish Mexican. You have seen everything. amirite?
@Blearslyrarer About seeing a Jewish Mexican? Sounds a little edgy for them...

Not about seeing them, there was a whole festival about them, which was....interesting...

You COULD argue your way out of a paper bag, but you've never gotten the chance to put these skills to good use. amirite?
@BobWilson What the fuck does this mean

It's an idiom about people who are bad at arguing. You say they can't argue their way out of a paper bag.

Why do people say that being kissed in the rain is romantic? Its just cold and wet, amirite?
You know your into math if you look at # and see a number sign, you know your into technology if you look at # and see a pound sign, and you know your into music if you look at # and see a sharp symbol. amirite?
@Your_Moms_Boyfriend Fb* not F. E# is the same as Fb, Just like G# is the same for Ab. You sure your a musician? xD

Yes, usually __# is the same thing as (next note up)b, but there's no such thing as Fb.