You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends but you can't pick your friends nose.

You damn trolls disgust me.

How do you ladies here on amirite keep your mimsies clean?
@cali93 Wth is a mimsy?

It's a ladies baby making hole.

Have you ever had you vehicle breakdown in the middle of nowhere?

There is no such thing as a middle of nowhere.

Do you lock the doors on your vehicle after you get out?

No, I have a life.

Do you take the time to read the "Explained by" portion of the questions you answer on this site?

No I have a life.

To cover up her chest hair.

Ever forget to roll up your vehicle windows when it was raining?

No, I take the bus.

Would You Date A Messy Person?

No, cleanliness is next to godliness.

Did you put out before marriage?

If you want to pound my girl hole you're going to have to put a big rock on my finger.

What did she say to him?

I'm from the IRS.

Of which actor might you make the comment: It was one of the only movies they were any good in....
Michael J Fox unimpressed with 2015. Are you?

Canadians say the darndest things.

Have you ever gone to a Tupperware Party?

I thought they stopped making that stuff back in the seventies

Have you ever woke up and regretted what you did the night before?
Have you ever had to have demons expelled from your body?

I wish I could expel a few demons from this website.