I'm not skinny, but I'm not fat either. I have curves and I look healthy and yet every guy in school seems to go after that one annoying chick who looks like she hasn't eaten for days, amirite?

Well maybe that's because that other girl is cheaper to take on dates since she doesn't eat at all.

The difference between a cat and a comma is that one has claws at the end of its paws and one is a pause at the end of a clause. amirite?

That's like saying the difference between dogs and marine biologists is that one tags whales, and the other wags tails.

those songs or phrases you learned when you were little that helped you remember something in school, still help you today, amirite?

A, B, C, D... that song comes in handy a lot.

People complain too much on airplanes. like "For real? I cant get hi speed internet?! AND MY CHAIR DOESNT LEAN BACK!" .... "Dude, you are sitting in a chair... IN THE GOD DAMN SKY!", amirite?
@B747 This isn't original, louis ck said it first

Yes, but since when is the post of the day an original thought?

Guys want their girlfriends to be perfect and skinny, amirite?

I like your mother just the way she is

What's the point of have things cost $9.99? Just make them $10. Nobody cares that they have to spend an extra penny. amirite?

It's a psychological thing that department stores do... when people see prices that end in an odd number, they believe that item is at bargain value. When people see prices that end in an even number, they believe the item is of quality value. Which is why at grocery stores, you see tons of odd number pricing and at fancy restaurants, you see even number pricing.

Why is that so many girls believe guys are masturbation machines? I mean it's not as if they masturbate 500 times a day. It's more like 20 times daily. amirite?
In a way, cheating makes sense if you're a teenager in high school. If an extremely hot person wants to have sex with you, then you might as well do it if you want to because it's highly unlikely that you'll stay together with your current partner and get married. Why miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, amirite?
@I'm a dude...

So what, you're sexist now? Guys can't be sluts?

For all we know, scientists on Pluto took a vote and decided Earth's no longer a planet, amirite?

Racism on young people = Ageism... mostly because young people aren't a race.

"Thanks" is one of the worst possible responses to "I love you", amirite?

The worst response I can think of:

"What a coincidence! My other boy/girlfriend told me that the other day!"

When someone knocks on the door of a bathroom stall that you're in, checking if it's occupied, almost every response that flashes in your head seems like it would be either weird or awkward to say. Its like, "I AM CURRENTLY SHITTING IN HERE". amirite?

I usually say "There's room for one more."

People complain too much on airplanes. like "For real? I cant get hi speed internet?! AND MY CHAIR DOESNT LEAN BACK!" .... "Dude, you are sitting in a chair... IN THE GOD DAMN SKY!", amirite?
Women don't get raped because they were drinking, dressing provocatively, or acting reckless. Women get raped because someone raped them, amirite?

Can't forget that this issue is a two way street. Men have also fallen into the victim category... everyone on here so far has said she when referring to the victim.

If schools are forced to teach Creationism as well as Evolution, then churches should be forced to teach Evolution as well as Creationism. Amirite?

Separation of Church and State...

you hate it when your bestfriends rat turns out to be the guy that betrayed your parents, amirite?
@Supper4dinner It's awkward when the patronus that you think your dead father cast is actually from your future self.

It's awkward when you find out that the horcrux you risked your life to get is actually a fake.