Somebody name Anonymous is overposting the hell out of non original brain teasers. Amirite?
@freespeechfreelancer How soon? That was very annoying earlier today, and I still see some of it on there. Do you guys ever get on to...

Anyone can post as much as they like since it just goes in the Just In page but we will be separating them out shortly - please bare with us:)

You wish there was way to separate the opinion posts and the brainteaser posts on the just-in page. Maybe a filter, or columns?

We will be adding this shortly - bare with us:)

You would like the member avatar rollover pop-up to include compatibility stats instead of (or in addition to) posts/followers stats.

This is being planned:)

Now that there are more than 2 voting options, amirite is pretty lame.
Now that there are more than 2 voting options, amirite is pretty lame.
@Frank_n_Furter I don't think that's because of the multiple voting options, but because of the censorship, new users, and there...

Actually the number of new users and traffic are up and censorship is down - only offensive things are deleted or moderated. On the whole everything else is left as it is.

A good suggestion for Amirite would be to fix the typo in the topic "Suggetions for Amirite", amirite?
“It is not a lie to be mistaken.” ~VicZinc

Thats correct guys:)

The inspiration feature should allow non-URL entries. Like "my Aunt Mary" or "some kid at band camp" Amirite?

This is on the list!



Amirite Support Team

Lives are like books. They are all different lengths, different material. Some are sad, some are happy, some are boring, exciting, or a little of both. There will be good chapters and bad chapters. Sometimes you'll read through a good chapter so fast you can't believe it's over, and sometimes it seems like a terrible chapter will never end. But one day life will turn the page. And even though you might reread some old pages, you eventually move on, write a sequel, and then end.
Your excited about the ps4
@xxdetroitxx Because the majority of the link posts aren't opinions

Hi there,

The links do not need to be opinions - the posts do however,

e.g the posts should be an opinion about the link / video,

Hope that makes sense!

Do you have a favorite quote(s)? If so, feel free to comment it.

Hi Guys - you can now add your favorite quotation to your profile!


Amirite Support Team

Sometimes, you feel extra happy even when your day was pretty average, amirite?

We'll be adding a url shortener feature soon but thanks for highlighting that point ActionMan

Amirite just jumped the shark with the new link post. Amirite?
The only thing worse than "the one who got away" is "the one who won't go away."
@Len You shouldn't be POTDing yourself especially if it's not even your content and you fail to cite it. Assuming...

Hey Len - when mods POTD we don't actually see the username for fairness so this can happen sometimes. I'll ask Kira to add a citation.


Amirite Support Team

This would be slightly more interesting, albeit mildly frustrating, if there was a letter each week we were not allowed to use in our posts, amirite?