The price of food should be based off of how many calories are in it. This makes sense because the more you pay, the more energy you get, kind of like gas. Plus, it'd be a lot easier to manage your caloric intake because you could just limit yourself to spending $15 dollars on food, or 2,000 calories. Amirite?

Wait, doesn't celery create a calorie deficit when you actually eat it? Does that mean I get payed to eat celery?..

Your mom thinks that every member of the opposite sex that looks at you has a crush on you, amirite?

Me and my mom last week

She notices my phone, and nosily peeks through the picture

Mom:"...." "...whos this"
me(preparing for a loud argument to ensue) "eh...its just Jessica, a friend"
Mom:...gasp "Is she kissing you??"
Me fml " no, its nothinging. Just a picture"
Mom: flipping throughh the photos, becoming more and more crazed. "just exactly who is the hussy?! Oh my god, have you had your first kiss??!"
Me: (apparently, picking the wrong answer): "yes, mom. I'm in high school. Its not uncommon. I trust you, I am not a man whore or a pimp of any sort.
Mom:Holy shit omfg!!! How could you, your so young! Don't do nasty stuff, stay pure. I love you, don't do this!"
Me:(yet again, picking the wrong answer)." its not that big of a deal, your overreacting"
Mom: Omfg, -nuclear reaction- everyone dies

The end*certain scenes may have been dramatized or exaggerated to produce a more enjoyable experience for the audience"

Yeah, this is what I call "slacktivisim." Pretending that you're actually doing something by sharing or liking on a social network.

Ear sex fucks with your hearing, amirite?

"once you go black, you go deaf"

In Minecraft you always have to be aware there aren't any creepers or mobs behind you even in safe places you have to be sure when you get that feeling, amirite?

Everytime I see one or a mob I'm not prepared for, I start furiously digging into the ground, hoping I can jump in.. Like some crazed rabbit or something

Kid in Maths class: “When are we ever gonna need this in real life?” Yeah, you may not need to know anything other than basic addition when you cash your welfare check, but the rest of us want to learn this, amirite?
If the show was called "Jew's Clues", there'd be a penny on each clue instead of a paw print, amirite?

I'm going to hell after reading and laughting at this, aren't I?...

So this post suggest that, there is always hell in something...?

There is literally no way to tell how many chameleons are in your house right now, amirite?

I'm pretty sure their shit isn't invisible...

The white birds in Angry Birds are pretty counterproductive. In order to get their eggs back from the pigs, they fight them with eggs. amirite?

I always thought of the angry birds as subtle commentary on terrorist bombers and kamikazes.... I mean, they're birds that bomb pigs for as retribution for eating or whatever the fuck the pigs do to the eggs...Point being, they ultimately end up dying for their cause...

You've texted several people at once because you knew that at least one would respond almost instantly, amirite?
@Chewbanshee I used to send out mass texts asking the same question...

Thatsme when I have a question on homework I don't know

@Handsy You got that off graphjam

Maybe, I remember seeing it on some site, but I couldn't remember, or I would have credited it. That could be possible.

Saying someone elses marriage is against your religion is like getting mad at someone for eating a doughnut because you're on a diet, amirite?

I have the exact same thing posted, but earlier. xDmaybe someone should go delete it? Seems like the honorable thing to do...

FaceTime or any video chatting service seems to make you look like some hideous creature whenever you use it, amirite?
@macandcheesemuncher I think it's because the front facing cameras on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are awful

I still manage to look like a dirty seaweed monster on the iPad 3'a retina display. I like to think what my mon says, "I'm special" c:

FaceTime or any video chatting service seems to make you look like some hideous creature whenever you use it, amirite?
@macandcheesemuncher I think it's because the front facing cameras on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are awful

I wouldn't probably even use it outside of close friends and family, because FaceTime is the rude awakening when a little bit of photo editing can't save you :P