About me.

People piss me off really easily...so watch out.

Uhm, my names Angie. Im 16 and I live in Oregon. Honestly, Oregon sucks. Theres really nothing exciting here. Im 5'11" and Im currently working on becoming a model. Im horrible at most school subjects, but Im actually really good at math. I hate when people talk loosely about depression and suicide, its a serious thing. I have depression. I like people who are nice for no reason. I try to be friendly to everyone, but sometimes I come off as bitchy and rude. Maybe its just cause people don't understand my sarcasm. I shoot guns competitively. I own a pink .22 ruger and a 9 mm Springfield. Im addicted to my phone, it never leaves my side and I never let anyone use it. I find black guys extremely attractive ;) Wink.

I pretty much just said random facts about me...if you have any questions, just ask!

"Everything happens for a reason"
"You know my name, not my story. You've heard what I have done, not what I have been through"