Sometimes in school you wish they didn't have gym, music, art or the other useless subjects so your day could be shorter, amirite?

Without these "useless classes", school would be WAY more boring.

30 Seconds to Mars is probably Draco Malfoy's favorite band, amirite?

I don't understand why it's hung in museums if a 3 year old can do the same thing.

30 Seconds to Mars is probably Draco Malfoy's favorite band, amirite?
It is stupid that if you mention Christian Rap, the first thing people think is to laugh, because they think rap means drugs, sex, booze, and jackassiness, and that Christian Rap does not exist, amirite?

Rap isn't all about that. It used to be about real life before it all got all messed up for our generation.
And if you think about it, all genres have artists that talk about talk, and some that don't.
Rap does too, you just don't find it on the radio.

You're going to wear purple on October 20th to commemorate the suicides caused by homophobia, amirite?

I'll wear it if I remember.
Those poor kids...

America does NOT have an official national language, it's part of free speech. People need to stop complaining about the spanish speakers, etc. in this country, amirite?

Sometimes trying to learn a language is hard.
If you've ever tried learning a forieng language that you're not used to, it can be difficult. I mean I'd get rather frustrated trying to learn English.

Winnie The Pooh was based on psychological problems, Winnie had an eating disorder, Pigglet had generalized anxiety disorder, Eeyore had major depression, and that Tigger had ADHD. amirite?

It makes so much sense now....

dreams are awesome, but controlling what you can do in dreams is more awesome, amirite?
@and being aware that you're dreaming while still dreaming. it's called lucid dreaming.

I heard somewhere that you can make yourself lucid dream. Do you know if that's true?

I don't understand why people take value off of books because they are torn up. A book is a book, and as long as it's readable, you get the same experience out of it, amirite?

I get cheaper books that way

sometimes you just completely pull a blank on how to spell an everyday easy word. amirite?

And then you feel stupid asking how to spell it.

It's sad to know that freshman in high school have never watched any of the 90's shows or listened to any of the 90's music, amirite?

I'm a freshman. I've watched '90's shows. I've listened to '90's music, too.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that Dr. Suess is a man and not a giant cat with an enormous striped hat. amirite?
@Nikifreedomfries LMFAO. i always get that picture in my head whenever someone says his name!

Dude, me too.
When I was little, they always implied that the Cat in the Hat was Dr. Seuss

Lady Gaga and Luna Lovegood have to be related somehow, their fashion senses are just so similar, amirite?

I like them both.

Sometimes you wonder about people's sanity. Especailly now. I just saw a news report showing a girl getting vampire teeth done by a dentist because of Twilight. That's just too far. Amirite?
@nummypie Lmao yeah. They should've gotten a different actress...she always looks like she's in pain and is just so...

ALL of the actors in that movie either over do it, or are emotionless. I used to be obsessed, but the movies and the ending of Breaking Dawn brought me back to reality.
Thank God.