Being a "flasher" at the local playground is not a "civil right"

Do you still hate it when children wear clothes around you?

You are a very distorted individual. Have you no compassion? Have you no morals?

Do you still have those magazines with the pictures of little boys? I thought the doctor told you to get rid of them?

CNN is not fair and balanced, amirite ?

How about nothing "sprang" it took trillions of years.


There are some real wackos on this site. You are among them.

All government is bad. All technology is bad. We have bought into it and now must pay the consequences.

Are you a prepper too?

White people problems

One American shoots up a church. You are silent. Then this, you bark. Then an American shoots up a movie theater, you are silent again. Are you that racist?

Do you hate all people or just those different form you?

I did not block you. You are anonymous. Unless your parent where both Dune fans and poor spellers.

Sweden Immigration Problem

Perhaps if you understood the difference between propaganda and news you wouldn't be such a misanthrope.


Which god do you worship? The one that kills babies after they are born, or the one that destroys all of humankind periodically because he can't handle the truth, or is the one who does both, or the one who told you not to refer to your fellow humans as "morally vacuous sycophants" and "freaks"?