I know you are into love. NMBLA. I saw your name in the paper as a upstanding member of the Man-boy love club. How can you live with yourself?

She said you are a Marxist Utopia (classless)

For some reason this reminded me of one of Vic's older posts


Nope mine is up Sanders' your upper lip is in Rush's butt and your lower is in Hannity's'.

African people are considered a "race". Caucasians are a "race". Asians are a "race". But western hemisphere aboriginals are considered a "breed".

Native American is a checkbox on many government forms


Liar Liar pant's on fire. Take that little boys weener out of your mouth, you'll be able to think faster.

Weekend is here. Your in the mood for an Asian restaurant all is well until your "non-Asian" waitress comes to take your order. You get up to go to the B.R. and see that the cooks are all non-Asian. The music is in English. Did I miss something here? If I go to any ethnic restaurant I want the entire ambiance.

The only thing that matters to me is - does the food seem authentic. If it is cooked by pink people in dresses, I don't care. I went to an vietnamese place once, everyone who worked there was "authentic" looking. The cook used frozen diced "mixed vegetables" like you get in a grade school cafeteria, to make the fried rice. Another place tried to substitute sliced cabbage for the lily petals in my moo shu pork. The waitress/ owner with a heavy Chinese accent tried to tell my that Americans don't like the taste of the petals. I have never returned to either place. But I have had some very fine Phat Thai made by cooks who look like they have never been to ChinaTown that alone to Thailand.


I agree that self-ownership is key, all interactions must be voluntary and government coercion is to be avoided at all cost. I DO NOT agree that private ownership is a required part of this.
We do not need private ownership to be self-determined, self-fulfilled or self-actualized.

Try to imagine a world were all "things" were shared - it would be heaven on earth. The desire to have your own "stuff" separate from everyone elses "stuff" is the root of all evil. Share and share alike. What is mine is yours, loaves and fishes, whatever you want to call it, covetous behavior is inherently unethical.

Private ownership is a propaganda plot by the masters to keep us enslaved, it is the moral equivalent of "tossing the dog a bone".


I hope you get the callback. I am rooting for you.

‘I AM WIPING MY ASS WITH YOUR SH-T FLAG': This Black Chick Does The Unforgivable 11736949_10153493313023829_553309315_n Posted on July 11, 2015 Things like the #ShitFlagChallenge are just normal and commonplace in Obamaland now. This chick, known as ‘Nocturnas Libertus’ on Facebook, posted this picture on her Facebook page. You can let know what you think on her Facebook page here.

This is fake, and so are you for posting anonymously. You are a troll.

Money, time, and food are three things that should never be wasted, amirite?

Food. Money is a bulshit construct used to enslave us. It is impossible to waste time.

The U.S. spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined
@TomboyJanet Libertarians have some good ideas but they also want to give too much power to corporations. Power to affect air we...

If there was a true libertarian I would vote for one. American style "libertarians" are wolves in sheep's clothing. They want nothing but to dismantle workers rights and environmental protections to pave the way for unbridled corporate takeover.

The U.S. spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined